Your trauma energy signature

I dealt with what was hurting me so much by removing the stuck emotional energy from childhood abuse. And then, without the emotional triggers from within my body, I found myself and uncovered many hidden talents.

I developed my unique style of extraordinary artwork that can help women who are still struggling to deal with residual emotional overwhelm, release deeply held trauma, and discover inner calm so they can finally feel free. But also, some paintings are for individuals at a different healing stage on their journey.

I believe that every abuse survivor has a unique trauma energy signature. It's key to a whole new level of personalised alternative medicine that delivers tailored energy healing therapy.


How a unique personal healing symbol benefits your personalised therapy.

  • For some women, they'll discover a new purpose and meaning that helps them resolve the trauma history held within every part of their body.
  • A hidden dimension reveals itself to bring a new beginning to transform lives in ways they never thought possible.
  • For others, it's an additional trauma energy signature(s) of other healing needs that become uncovered over time.
  • Get support for further healing stages that require rehabilitation, such as spiritual, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Find out more about how my artwork helps you

My original watercolour artwork is unique in design, with precise colour combinations and types of brushstrokes. They are created when I work with spiritually guided Universal energy so that each piece brings precision healing to the next phase of your recovery from an abusive childhood.

It is highly recommended that you view the artwork in person as certain paintings will resonate deeply at an emotional level, indicating they are meant for you and your healing needs.

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