Energy Healing for Women

Need help with regulating emotions?

Did you know Decus Healing has deep roots in improving women's health and wellness and was once commonplace in society thousands of years ago?

Personalised energy healing sessions, either 1-2-1 or group support, can help you improve your ability to manage emotional highs and lows and prevent them from becoming overwhelming. They can also help you overcome issues with unresolved trauma within the body, enhance self-awareness, and finally have your inner needs met.

What women say about their Decus Healing experiences

Energy healing treatment packages for emotional challenges from trauma, autism, or early diagnosis of Alzheimer's

If any of these sounds like you, then our healing is ideal.

Is this how you feel now?

  • Despite all the hard work over the years to improve yourself, you still struggle with the upwelling of emotions and disconnect from your body.
  • You heap more guilt and shame on yourself because you think you should be able to manage your emotions and mental health better.
  • Even though you're trying to deal with your worst emotional moments, you punish yourself by thinking you're overly emotional, sensitive and needy.
  • Perhaps the daily emotional turmoil of feeling hurt, despair, worthlessness, and grief erodes your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You have an increasing sense that something has disappeared inside, and you feel like you can't cope with things like you used to or want to.
  • You're finding life difficult and can't seem to shift the unsettled feeling inside, making you feel alone, isolated, and vulnerable.
  • Now you want someone who can guide your body's inner wisdom to release the troublesome emotional energy and restore what will bring inner freedom and serve your healing needs to live well.

How you could feel after support from our energy healing sessions.

  • Confident our work together helped achieve the changes you want for your health and well-being.
  • Trust your body to notice subtle sensations and feel connected to your body and soul with greater self-awareness.
  • Know that something has gone and feel a shift in how you respond to situations and challenges in life.
  • Sense the relief from inner calm and know you can finally move past the stuckness to transform life in ways you never thought possible.
  • Discover how your emotional and mental state can function more effectively in everyday situations.
  • Find a renewed sense of self and reveal the person you are meant to be on the other side of healing.
  • Build a daily self-care routine that re-energises the mind, body and soul as you grow into your true self.
  • Empowered to make change happen and achieve a fulfilled life that honours your inner needs, strengths, and abilities.

Get support through 1-2-1 healing sessions

Personalised 1-2-1 HEALING SESSIONS, and here's how they work

  • We create a safe, tranquil space to release unresolved trauma energy in a gentle and nurturing way.
  • Together, we work at an energy level within your body that doesn't rely on disclosing or recalling traumatic memories or finding words for emotions.
  • Benefit from reducing emotional overwhelm from the impact of abuse trauma, menopause, autism or early stages of Alzheimer's.
  • Feel supported and reassured at each healing phase to confidently use your unique qualities and abilities to be your best self.

You've got questions? I have answers.

Here's how our group healing can support you too

Energy Healing for Women

Group healing for the double impact of trauma and menopause

  • Get support and energy healing in a group, increase self-awareness, and enhance your self-care.
  • Discover our eight-week PREMULA GROUP that can restore emotional balance and alleviate challenging menopause symptoms.
  • Three healing phases can bring the necessary changes you want to rediscover yourself and reveal your hidden strengths to Meno-GO!

Learn more about support from our Premula Group

Group healing and support for autistic individuals

  • Held in a quiet, safe space that nurtures the social model of autism.
  • Ideal for women and those with a cervix on the pathway to an autism diagnosis, self-diagnosis, or late discovery.
  • The Gateway Group Healing course supports members in overcoming issues with unresolved TRAUMA and challenges with EMOTIONAL REGULATION, including Alexithymia.
  • Monthly peer group support enables members to explore their feelings and gives them time to validate themselves and find togetherness to improve holistic wellness.

Learn More about support from our Gateway Group

Energy Healing for Women

Experience real shifts in your emotional and mental wellness!

DECUS HEALING is one way to honour and listen to your body when resolving your healing needs at an energy level.

Packed with sacred energy healing processes, the support sessions help you feel calmer, sleep better, be
more confident and happier, and notice small shifts that have enabled you to find more of yourself.

You never know; you could find something new about yourself that could make all the difference to your life.

Let's chat and get started