Premula Group Healing for Trauma and Menopause

Struggling with the double impact of trauma and menopause?

Our PREMULA GROUP supports women with their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Through a series of seven energy healing experiences, the impact of trauma and challenging menopause symptoms are reduced.

In just two months, you gain positive energy changes within your body, improve emotional regulation and enhance self-awareness. So you can empower your unique qualities and abilities and have an afterglow of spiritual womanhood to Meno-GO!

Here's what women are saying about their experiences

Seed mix to calm the nervous system

Discover how our Premula Group can benefit your wellness

  • Feel the relief of not having to disclose or talk through traumatic memories.
  • Increase how you manage your menopause symptoms without needing prescribed medications.
  • Gain changes to your body and mind at an energy level that removes trauma and energy blocks so you can rediscover yourself, knowing your inner needs are met.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, and be confident in using your strengths.
  • Find togetherness, peer support and an unspoken understanding from women with lived experience of trauma.

Here's how support from the PREMULA GROUP works

Join a group of women who get together for a shared experience of energy-healing in a calm, peaceful environment for eight weeks.
Trust the process of being expertly guided and encouraged to connect with your body, mind, and soul using a personal energy healing signature painting and specific aromas from seed mixes or smelling salts for highly effective energy healing for your needs.

The Premula Group Healing course lasts nine weeks and involves seven energy healing sessions. These sessions can help boost your emotional and mental wellness, embrace your authentic self, and re-discover your unique abilities.

Plus, you are supported with practising a self-care routine at home for one week during
the course (break week) to prepare for the powerful divine healing sessions in phases 2 and 3.

After completing all the group healing sessions, you will be supported with a personalised after-care
routine to extend an afterglow of wellness and spiritual womanhood as you Meno-GO!


Places are capped at ten members per group.
The course costs £60 per person.

The course is at the Parish Centre Stonegravels, 91 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7JH.

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