Freedom From Within Package

Gain the inner freedom to find your authentic self

Our Freedom from Within Package is an affordable energy-healing treatment course that only needs to be done once. It is specifically tailored to you and the trauma you experienced and repairs your soul.

In just four weeks, you can finally gain freedom from the deepest, most troublesome trauma energy, find yourself again and start to reveal your inner needs.

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Freedom From Within Package

If any of these sounds like you, then the Package is ideal.

Is this how you feel now?

  • Despite all the hard work over the years to improve yourself, you still struggle with the upwelling of residual emotions from childhood abuse.
  • You heap more guilt and shame on yourself because you think you should be able to manage your emotions and mental health better.
  • Even though you're trying to deal with your worst emotional moments, you punish yourself by thinking you're overly emotional, sensitive and needy.
  • Perhaps, the daily emotional turmoil of feeling hurt, despair, worthlessness, and grief erodes your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You have an increasing sense that something has disappeared inside, and you feel like you can't cope with things like you used to.
  • You are finding life difficult and can't seem to shift the unsettled feeling inside, making you feel alone and isolated.
  • Now you want someone who can guide your body's inner wisdom to release the troublesome trauma energy and restore what will bring more than inner freedom.

How you could feel after the package.

  • Each session begins with a review based on your current situation and stage of healing so that we are confident our work together helps achieve changes to your well-being.
  • Get into a beneficial place within yourself to trust your body to self-heal and notice subtle sensations.
  • Feel confident that the deepest-held residual trauma energy has finally gone for good and no longer influence you.
  • Sense the relief from inner calm and know you can finally move past the inner deadlock to transform life in ways you never thought possible.
  • Discover how your emotional and mental state can function more effectively in everyday situations.
  • Find a renewed sense of self and reveal the person you are meant to be on the other side of healing.
  • Build a daily self-care routine that re-energises the mind, body and soul as you work towards being more self-aware and compassionate as you grow into yourself.
  • Gain personal empowerment tools to make change happen and achieve a fulfilled life honouring your authentic self.


  • Place trust in your body's ability to heal and create a safe, tranquil space to release unresolved trauma energy.
  • Together, we work deep within your body without relying on disclosure, triggering the recall of memories or talking through issues.
  • Achieve a crucial turning point by mending your fragmented soul and making it whole again, allowing you to grow into your authentic self.
  • Feel supported and reassured at each healing stage and benefit from the changes to your overall wellbeing that can last a lifetime.

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Freedom From Within Package

Premula Treatment Package

  • An eight-week group healing treatment course for women in midlife or late adulthood who seek healing for their health, wellness and spirituality.
  • Each healing phase can bring the necessary changes to reveal other aspects of yourself to Meno-Go.
  • Participate in specific and tailored treatments for your mind and physiology, including support from a self-care routine so that subtle changes can continue as your body adjusts and repairs itself.
  • Increase your self-awareness, enhance spiritual womanhood and reveal your innate intelligence to improve your quality of life.

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Trauma Group Healing

  • A six-week group healing course for women struggling with unresolved trauma from abuse in adulthood or adverse childhood experiences.
  • Participate in six trauma treatments to improve emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being without talking about it.
  • Allow what needs to happen for your body and mind to heal its trauma history in a gentle and nurturing way.
  • Find a safe, non-judgmental healing environment to improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

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Freedom From Within Package

The next chapter of your healing journey awaits!

Access the deepest, most destructive trauma energy from adverse childhood experiences or domestic abuse.
Unravel and release all the trauma history within the body and mind without disclosing details of past traumatic events.
Gain improved emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being that can last a lifetime.

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