Freedom From Within Package

In just four weeks, we can make life-long changes to your emotional wellness

Freedom from within is a programme specifically tailored to you and the abuse you experienced in childhood. So that you discover inner calm and finally feel free.

Each session begins with a review based on your current situation and stage of healing so that you are confident our work together can help you achieve your goals.

Freedom From Within Package

If any of these sounds like you, then the Package is ideal.

How you feel now

  • Despite all the hard work over the years to make things better for yourself, you're still struggling with the upwelling of residual emotions from childhood abuse.
  • You heap more guilt and shame on yourself because you think you should be over this by now.
  • Even though you're trying to deal with your worst emotional moments, the daily battle of hurt, despair, worthlessness, and grief is eroding your self-esteem.
  • Perhaps, you think you're overly emotional, sensitive and insecure and have an increasing sense that something has disappeared inside of you.
  • You feel fed up with crying your heart out and analysing every little action or behaviour you do, making you feel like you can't cope.
  • Now you're seeking something more from therapy, one that solves the troublesome emotions stuck deep within your body once and for all.

How you feel afterwards

  • Be confident that the residual core of emotions has finally gone for good.
  • Discover how your emotional state can function more effectively in everyday situations.
  • Feel relief from inner calm and know that you're finally able to move past the deadlock that was holding you back.
  • Find a renewed sense of self and reveal the person you are meant to be.
  • Be able to transform your life because of the positive changes in emotions, behaviour, outlook, etc.
  • Build a daily self-care routine that re-energises the mind and body as you work towards achieving new goals.
  • Be able to get into a beneficial place within yourself to achieve the most life changing outcomes.

A 4-week healing programme. Just £395.

Here's how the five key healing sessions work:

  • Understand how placing trust in your body's natural ability to heal creates a safe space to release residual emotional overwhelm.
  • Work deep within your body without relying on disclosure, triggering the recall of memories or talking through issues.
  • Have a new starting point to rehabilitate emotions that can last a lifetime.
  • Get the support and reassurance you need at each phase of healing, including added bonuses to help you reach your holistic healing outcomes.

Get FREE bonuses worth £139

Freedom From Within Package

Plus, you'll also receive

  • An easy-to-follow healing diary to help you creatively process, understand and reflect on any healing phase and discover your holistic outcomes.
  • Use a simple technique to help you quickly focus your mind and body, and achieve a semi-meditative state so we can work together with different body sensations.
  • Short activities to support your self-care needs so that subtle changes to your healing can continue between sessions as your body adjusts and repairs itself.
  • Keep the unique artwork of your trauma energy signature as a keepsake for achieving a crucial turning point in your recovery journey.

As well,

  • A copy of my book to help guide self-discovery and bring insight into the hidden wounds from trauma energy as you seek the next step on your healing journey.
  • We'll have a follow-up session one month after completing the programme to catch up on how you are doing, assess your progress and support any uncovered healing needs.
Freedom From Within Package

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My Freedom from Within Package is the quick healing solution you are looking for that can unravel the trauma history within your body without relying on disclosure, memory triggers or talking through feelings. And this personalised energy healing therapy takes just one month to complete and only needs doing once.

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