Trauma Group Healing

Women-only Group Healing at Eyre Chapel

Healing isn't always found in talking through things or recalling traumatic memories. Through our affordable group healing programme, women no longer have to feel alone in their struggle with unresolved trauma from abuse or adverse experiences.

Together, we can support each other, heal trauma and reveal inner needs that can make a positive difference to wellbeing.

What Women Say About Our Group Healing Sessions

Group Healing

Gain the maximum benefits to your overall wellbeing

  • Commit to six healing treatments and get all the positive improvements to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.
  • Participate in group meditation and visualisations without the need to disclose or talk through traumatic memories
  • Be open to working with your unresolved trauma on an energy level, and accept divine energy to heal your body and mind that can radiate beyond each treatment.
  • Find togetherness, support and an unspoken understanding from women with lived experiences of abuse or trauma.

A chance to heal in ways you never thought possible

All you need to do is register to join a course of six trauma healing treatments at Eyre Chapel, 8RH,, Newbold Rd, Chesterfield S41 8RJ.

The next six-week course starts in February 2024 on Tuesday afternoons.

The trauma group healing course has a subsidised fee, which is paid in cash or by bank transfer before the start of any treatment programme.

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