Shift the Swamp of Emotions

Instant Relief from the Swamp of Emotions

Welcome to the Shift the Swamp of Emotions exercise that is quick and easy to use anywhere and at any time when you need instant relief from the swamp of emotions.

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How it benefits your emotional state

  • Alleviate the deeply felt hurt and pain that you may experience on a daily/weekly basis, and it can also help you build trust in your body.
  • Effective at shifting the emotions that swamped you at any point(s) during the day by dislodging the energy from the upwelling of feelings.
  • It can help you feel like yourself again and build confidence to overcome self sabotage.
  • As an added benefit, you are guided to include a visualisation that can help shift a particular trigger and increase your confidence at that moment in time.

The next phase

Congratulations on completing the exercise. You can continue to use this anytime and anywhere when you need instant relief from the swamp of emotions.

If you would like to continue with the next phase of your journey to heal from childhood abuse, my Freedom from Within Package has been designed to help you resolve the troublesome emotions stuck deep within your body, enabling you to discover inner calm and finally feel free.

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