The Story

Linda survived abuse in childhood and knows that the deepest hidden wounds within the body are the hardest to reach and heal. She tried different complementary therapies on her healing journey. But it made little difference to how her unresolved trauma continued to trigger emotional turmoil, which eventually led to burnout.

After successful careers in Medical Research and Secondary Education, she retrained as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. It led to a spiritual awakening, which helped Linda heal in ways she hadn't thought possible.

Her soul healed and removed the trauma history held within her body and mind. This was when she realised the enormity of her potential to heal people. And so the journey to her legacy began... she had discovered an ancient route to healing.


The Mastery

Her incredible healing heart has opened, and now she skillfully harnesses inner wisdom linked to comic proportions. They enable her to reveal all the hidden facets of this ancient form of healing that were commonplace thousands of years ago. Now, those sacred and divine healing modalities are ready to be shared with you.

For the last four years, Linda has honed mastery of the multi-dimensional and sacred aspects of energy healing to bring you DECUS HEALING. Her skilful orchestration of working with a raw and pure form of universal energy, the complexity of her personalised energy healing signature paintings, and insightful know-how are crucial elements to Linda's sessions.

They can open the heart and challenge the mind so your body can speak without words and experience the sublime energy given with love and grace to gain the changes you need.

The Vision

I believe there is a natural stopping point where therapies cannot go further or deeper to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Especially when non-verbal feelings, deeply felt emotions and bodily sensations are difficult to understand. So, women want more care and support to resolve heightened emotions from the impact of trauma, menopause, autism, or early stages of Alzheimer's.

DECUS HEALING is a catalyst for bringing you back into your power base. They work with you on an energy level and reconnect you to your body and what it has to reveal. By guiding the deep-rooted wisdom within your body, you can heal from within, have your inner needs met, and transform your holistic wellbeing.

Experiencing these unique energy-healing sessions can give you the confidence to be yourself and own your uniqueness and abilities. Then, you can redefine yourself with an open heart and finally honour your best self.


The Healing Mission

Linda has been working with powerful divine healing energy to support women struggling with overwhelming emotions and heightened sensitivity from the impact of abuse trauma since 2022. Now, her healing sessions have expanded to incorporate the double impact of other life challenges, such as menopause, autism, and the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Her mission is to continue using her insight to develop innovative ways to support people's holistic wellness and provide training to those who want to learn the Art of Contemplation for spiritual enlightenment and harness divine intelligence. Also, to keep spreading awareness of all the benefits DECUS HEALING can have on the individual, community and society.

DECUS HEALING'S LEGACY is to elevate how women are supported and helped to improve their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Especially when they are finding it difficult to manage heightened emotions and express what their bodies are feeling and what is needed to heal. Women no longer have to feel alone, isolated or invisible in their struggles with their emotional and mental health.

Caring for women in a safe, calm, healing space allows their bodies to speak without words. Get support to understand who they are, and in owning their unique qualities and abilities, they discover what's needed to thrive.

These sublime healing connections can bring an abundance of kindness, love and care in an extraordinary way that extends beyond them and into the lives of others. Create a positive impact on women's lives with improved health and wellbeing through self-awareness and emotional resilience to enrich life beyond measure.

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Trauma, Menopause, Autism, or early stage of Alzheimer's

What you are looking for is already within you. All you need is help to find it again. So together, we guide your body's natural ability to heal
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