The Story

Linda, a survivor of childhood abuse, understood that the deepest hidden wounds are often the hardest to reach and mend. Despite exploring various complementary therapies, her unresolved trauma persisted, leading to burnout. However, transitioning from Medical Research and Secondary Education to Alternative Medicine sparked a spiritual awakening.

This profound experience facilitated her healing in unexpected ways and unveiled her immense capacity to heal others. Embracing this revelation, Linda embarked on a path to her legacy, resurrecting and mastering a sacred pathway to Decus Healing.


The Mastery

Linda's heart, remarkable in its healing capacity, has now opened, allowing her to deftly tap into a profound inner wisdom of a cosmic scale. This wisdom unveils the once-hidden aspects of an ancient healing practice, commonplace thousands of years ago, now ready to be shared.

Over the past five years, Linda has refined her expertise in the multidimensional and hallowed realms of energy healing to master DECUS HEALING. Her adept orchestration of raw, pure universal energy of divine origin, the intricacies of her personalised energy healing signature paintings, and perceptive expertise are pivotal to her sessions.

These elements can unlock the heart and stimulate the mind, enabling the body to communicate silently and absorb the magnificent energy offered with love and grace, facilitating the transformative changes sought by women.

The Legacy

Linda believes that there comes a point where therapies can no longer delve deeper to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. She feels it is particularly true when non-verbal feelings, intense emotions, and bodily sensations are challenging to comprehend. As such, there is a demand for increased care and support for women dealing with the overwhelming emotions resulting from trauma, menopause, or autism.

The DECUS HEALING LEGACY cements a once-forgotten path to sublime healing that promises enduring transformation, benefits humanity, and opens the hearts and minds of those searching for its healing virtues. The Legacy's Root, Stem, and Leaf aim to achieve this by offering profound insights into the mysteries of the mind, the complexity of the body's method of retaining trauma energy, and the soul's path to spiritual womanhood and enlightenment.

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The Healing Mission

DECUS HEALING enhances women's support systems, contributing to their emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It proves particularly beneficial for those struggling with trauma to regulate intense emotions, articulate their bodily sensations and reveal healing needs. Providing attentive care in a safe, tranquil environment allows profound healing connections to foster a wealth of kindness and compassion, creating an impact that reaches far beyond the individual healing needs and touches the lives of many.

This mission encourages an open heart and a stimulated mind, enabling a nonverbal dialogue with the body and the experience of divine energy delivered with love and grace, facilitating transformative changes. By supporting women in understanding their self-worth and embracing their uniqueness, they can positively influence what is essential to enriching their lives with new meaning and purpose.
Linda's goal is to continue leveraging her insights to forge new paths in supporting women's holistic wellness and to educate those interested in mastering the Art of Contemplation for spiritual growth and tapping into divine intelligence. Moreover, she is dedicated to promoting the myriad advantages of DECUS HEALING to individual needs, communities, and society, such as menopause, autism and early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

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What you seek is already inside you; you simply need assistance to rediscover it.

DECUS HEALING ensures you no longer feel alone, isolated, or invisible in your struggles with emotional and mental health. In our sessions, we harness your body's innate healing capabilities. Embrace the assurance that your needs will be addressed, and take pride in your way of being. With an open heart, you are poised to celebrate your true self.

Are you ready to tackle unresolved trauma within your body, regulate emotional extremes, and avert overwhelming feelings?

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