Hello, I'm Linda

As a woman who survived abuse in childhood, I know that the deepest hidden wounds are the hardest to reach and heal.

I tried different complementary therapies on my healing journey, but it made little difference to how the deepest hidden trauma wounds continued to trigger my thoughts and emotions.

When I trained as a Reiki healing practitioner, I realised the extraordinary spiritual gift within me. I discovered how I could self-heal my body to release the trapped trauma energy that had been stuck for over four decades.


I healed in ways I hadn't thought possible

Freedom from within was the key to opening my future self, revealing my inner wisdom, and developing a new sense of self-awareness.

It is now my life's purpose to help other women struggling with residual emotional overwhelm from traumatic childhoods find their inner freedom.

So they, too, can embark on a new journey of self-discovery and empowerment and gain the life changes they want.

Only the skills I have can heal the deepest held trauma wounds

There is a natural stopping point where therapies cannot go further after you've talked through your feelings, trauma memories, and symptoms.

So your healing journey needs something more to guide the deep-rooted wisdom within your body to heal itself from within.

Only my Freedom from Within Package can pinpoint where so much residual emotional energy resides within your body and release it once and for all.


Freedom Within Package

My Freedom from Within Package is the energy-healing solution you are looking for that does not rely on disclosure, memory triggers or talking through feelings. It's a one-time-only healing experience that takes just one month to complete.

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What you are looking for is already within you.

All you need is help to find it again. So together, we guide your body's natural ability to heal and restore what will bring inner freedom.
Ready to begin a new journey to rediscover yourself and reveal your inner wisdom that can transform your wellness?

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