A step into the familiar in an unfamiliar way

A step into the familiar in an unfamiliar way
A step into the familiar in an unfamiliar way

What's familiar

You know all too well that abuse in childhood leaves hidden consequences and how it's made you feel over the years. What's familiar is the tremendous effort it takes to keep pushing down thoughts and feelings that overwhelm and sabotage you. So you repeatedly internalise the hurt and pain like a well-trodden route that you don't want to keep walking along. Perhaps, in many day-to-day situations, you tell yourself to be less emotional, hide who you are, never ask for help, don't rock the boat, or keep your head down and get on with it.

After all, staying under the radar at work, home or both has its advantages when self-protection is a top priority. Yet, for some individuals who have introverted personalities, it may amplify their sensitivities and possibly create further uneasiness within themselves. You may recognise this aspect of yourself, especially if you tend to feel deeply. Yet you prefer to keep your emotional states private by relying on yourself to deal with the ongoing struggle with burnout, isolation, and emotional overwhelm.

An unwelcome guest list

Even so, your life has probably got a repetition of depression and anxiety, which are tough to deal with sometimes. These states of unease are like familiar friends that pop in regularly, yet you never welcome them or want their company. So instead of casting them out with a flea in their ear, you put up with how they make you feel—eroding your sense of self and loss of confidence and presence. Forever wishing they would go soon so you can better cope with things. But there they stay in your mind and body, sometimes lingering in the background and sometimes up close and personal.

Another familiar consequence of hidden trauma within your body is that you may contend with minor ailments. Perhaps, you have a physical illness that persisted for as long as you can remember. But defining when it came and why it still flares up is a mystery. There's no rhyme or reason when it appears; it just turns up without warning, like an uninvited guest at your party. So you endure it over and over again, niggling and interrupting your usual daily routines. Just hoping that one day it goes away.

Then the last familiar guest on the list is the emotional toll of what happened to you. It is like a cut keeps bleeding, a wound that cannot be lanced and the unseen damage your body cannot seem to repair. The emotional overwhelm sits with you like a cloak you wear for protection from every storm. Veiling you from the worst of anything upsetting, and yet it leaves you feeling exposed and raw. A deep-rooted vulnerability that you still try desperately not to express in front of other people - EVER!

The residual emotional overwhelm may make you stop and listen to your instincts to get this sorted, but maybe you don't know how and need someone to help you. The good news is that you don't have to express it, even with know-how. You don't have to succumb to the low moods just because they are familiar with your usual way of being. And neither do you have to put up with your body trying to tell you something is still not quite right.

Step into the familiar in an unfamiliar way

Perhaps, it's time to step into the familiar in an unfamiliar way for the next step on your healing journey. I invite you to consider this concept about the hidden toll on your well-being that still troubles your mind, body and emotional state. Why? Because they are all connected by the threads that hold the worst of your trauma energy from childhood abuse. By severing those sticky threads, the trauma energy can shift from where it was inaccessible within your body. So now the trapped residual energy can be accessed and repositioned, ready to leave your body for good.

This unfamiliar healing process is a fundamental step in your recovery as it resolves the hidden influences of residual energy held at your deepest parts. Also, the fragmented soul strengthens and becomes whole again, allowing your powerbase to re-energise with gusto. It brings a new starting point to transform your life and all that is right for your holistic wellness. But only if the life you now lead is free from abuse.

A vital turning point in your healing journey

What follows Freedom from Within is a vital turning point for personal growth beyond what you'd expected. You'll feel whole again and free from the burden of hidden hurt and pain from childhood abuse. Triumphant in your inner calm, you will find a new route forward with greater self-awareness and confidence to set boundaries for self-care. Discover your true self and be empowered to cultivate a kinder and gentler voice within. As you strive to help those who need help just as you once did, you'll become part of a revolving circle of self-compassion that inevitably creates self-compassion in others.