An hour in anyone's life is an hour too long.

An hour in anyone’s life is an hour too long.
An hour in anyone’s life is an hour too long.

Imagine if you had to live with feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed most of the time. If the choice were yours, you would probably say that living like that for just an hour is too long in anyone's life. Yet, for many survivors, it's a typical trauma response from an abusive childhood that may last an entire lifetime. For some, the inner turmoil became too much to bear, and their lives were cut short.

The ones that go the distance contend with life challenges that trigger the trauma held within the mind and body; recollections are fraught with fear and panic. Countless unconscious responses remind them of the unwanted responsibility of having to calm the inner storm. They try to veil the growing sense of ill-ease with a self-protective numbness, a pushing down of raw feelings, or over-reacting to inconsequential things.

When the emotional turbulence of a trauma response has passed, the aftermath leaves feelings that are all too familiar: loss of self, loneliness, and invisibility. There's a sense of disconnect from people and community, even the ones close to them. It is energy-draining, and they never seem to relinquish what they've held on to so tightly for far too long. So every day, year in and year out, many abuse survivors struggle with overwhelmed emotions as they fight to thrive.

The invisible wounds of an abusive childhood

I believe there is something else unseen and deeply hidden that drives your troubled body. It's the trapped emotional energy that sits somewhere within you that has long remained there since abuse in childhood. The invisible wounds are trauma energy. Over time, it got more deep-rooted in your body tissues and cells, making it harder to reach, and the hardest to heal.

Why does that happen? Because the trauma energy gets squashed and distorted by anything that triggers and upsets you, no matter how big or small the circumstance. Consequently, it turns the trapped hurt and pain into a more deeply held concentrated pinpoint of intense emotional energy. A tiny invisible scar left behind from childhood abuse continues to trigger within your adult body. It wields an unseen influence on how you think and feel about yourself until the trauma energy is finally removed.

Approaches to healing from childhood trauma

No two people are alike, and no particular way to heal is the right way. Some people prefer to talk; others don't. Some people like to wallow and become so stuck that finding a way out of the thickest maze seems nigh-on impossible. Also, some survivors will try different ways to unpick and unpack what still hurts them inside so deeply.

For any survivor, recovering from how the abuse affected them is a complex web that needs time, patience, and attentive care to navigate through. So no matter where you sit on the fine line of differences in approach to healing, it must be your choice. Discover what sits comfortably with you and what you're prepared to change. But also, to not take for granted that any particular therapy shall be the 'be-all and end-all' for the completeness of your life's journey.

Therapy that's new but not new

Perhaps, a time has come when you've sought so many things to heal that you've begun to think, is that it, after everything you've said and done? Some abuse survivors may seek more from therapy, while others don't. You'll know when it's time to take the next step forward and decide to pursue something different for your recovery. So I invite you to consider a therapy that is new but not new - Reiki with a twist!

The twist is the resurrection of ancient healing modalities once used by energy healers thousands of years ago. Its personalised effectiveness is specific to you and the abuse experienced, and it is nothing like what anyone has experienced in modern times. It's a new healing solution to shift the hardest-to-reach residual trauma energy that still troubles your mind and body. So I invite you to enter the unknown as it will not feel mysterious. Instead, it will feel like a cocoon of care waiting for someone just like you.

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