Finding out how

Finding out how

When we welcome a New Year, it should be done with eyes wide open. Not to look for dangers and hazards that can trip us up when we least expect them. But for adventure and the prospect of finding something new in our lives that can make all the difference to our well-being.

This journey begins on 1st January 2023 and ends when it ends. It marks a day of new beginnings and new ways to embrace all that we could be if only we gave it a chance to emerge from the depths of our souls. When we find ourselves looking for the newness of self and an opportunity to reinvent, why not go with what our bodies and minds have known all along?

We are so much more than what we believe ourselves to be, and there lies the sticking point. There is a stuckness within ourselves which prevents the opening of a treasure trove of talent and skills that can change our lives and the lives of others in society.

Hidden Assets

Ask yourself, do you believe there are hidden assets within you? If the answer is yes, read on, my friend, and accept the wisdom you already possess. If your answer is no, then thank you, and now we can depart our short-held unity.

When inner wisdom is sought, there is a process to go through that takes time and patience. The road is paved with tests for your integrity and desire to be the best version of yourself. Along the way, there will be things you don't want to happen as much as the delights of things happening for the right reasons.

You need to understand here that the upsetting and unsettling aspects of your healing journeys are just as important as all the good things occurring. It builds character and strengthens your resolve to be the whole of yourself so that your best version can emerge in all its glory.

How will you know when this task is achieved and that living a more spiritual life is second nature as nature itself?
First of all, your wholeness is found when you have fully healed the trauma history wrapped up in every fibre of your body and mind. Your soul is made whole again, and then the beginning of finding your inner wisdom and spiritual presence can commence. It takes your commitment to work on those parts of yourself, but you are not alone in your quest to be the best you can be.

The Golden Thread

There is a well-known saying that The Universe Has Your Back, and so it does. But in a way that challenges everything already known about being spiritual and embracing mystical teachings. All of those significant people are not wrong, and what they tell us about how to live with peace, presence and compassion are parts of something much greater in awareness of ancient philosophy and learning.

What I am about to tell you is the golden thread that links all of the incredible work done by the likes of Rumi, Plato, Einstein and Goldsmith. They bring together a greater awareness of the Universe and all the hidden dimensions it holds. But there is another dimension yet to be explored by the modern world: a form of energy in its rawest.

It cannot be distinguished from what is already known about matter and how it behaves when energy influences it until new ways of seeing and understanding are brought forth and accepted. This rawest form of energy is abundant in the Universe, yet it is invisible to those who do not wish to acknowledge its existence. So science has to step in and prove that a raw form of energy can help shape medical care, human suffering and the longevity of humanity.

There is a way that joins the past, future and present in its need to connect and heal people. The golden thread is heaven-sent and weaves its way through every belief system, religious or not. So it's time to reveal what that is and how it can be used for the greater good of humanity now and in the coming years. The golden thread is an energy force pure in nature and highly adaptable to the extent of people's suffering. An energy so raw in its potential and given its use can go on to do the most miraculous things.

Many people can harness its power within themselves and heal what troubles their minds, body and soul. Many people will need guidance to open that door of healing and encompass all it offers. It can change lives when a person accepts what their body has to offer by revealing its secrets; then, they begin to have an unwritten agreement to honour their hidden talents and allow them to bloom to their fullest.

There are incredible treasures to be found that can alter the trajectory of our world, both in nature and within ourselves. So where will we be in 10 years' time? Still treading the same hopeless mission to get rich and have everything money can buy? Or will there be a new horizon? The latter is not a utopian wish but rather an honest take on the richness of life, differences in humankind and the vastness of what is possible if we take the time to listen.

In the quiet stillness of our own bodies lies the richness of us all.