How can that be?

How can that be?
How can that be?

A female's soul gets fragmented when she is abused. It is a strange phenomenon, but when you learn how and why it happens, then the mystery of it no longer remains. The soul is made of energy that is the embers of what we once were, and our future all rolled into one. Usually, this energy remains intact and works as one coherent unit. However, when the energy of emotions from abuse gets introduced, it alters the ebb and flow of forces that signify who we are.

These energetic distortions create a unique energy signature of the trauma held within a person's energy field. This altered state of the internal energy within the human body influences the energetic layers and their role in the health of the body-mind system's emotional, mental and physical aspects. So let's step into the clandestine realm of trauma energy left behind from abuse.

How can that be?

The insidious nature of the trauma energy

A metaphor can help illustrate the insidious nature of the trauma energy. Now, imagine, if you will, a long and dark road with no street lights and only the hum of a distant road to indicate the direction of travel. If you tried to walk along that road, you would end up doubling back, crossing over and turning the wrong way time after time. You want to go with the flow of the distant traffic but cannot seem to be where you need to be to join the mainstream. So there you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, a canoe or even an inclination of where you are heading. This creates friction and stops the flow.

Furthermore, the back and forth, left to right, and round and round cause the energy to increase in intensity. When intensity gets to a particular frequency, it implodes, creating a spot of intense energy much smaller than before. As a result, the pinpoint of intense energy wreaks havoc on other energetic systems within the mind-body. Thus, the effect of these implosions interrupts and distorts other energies and devastates energy flow.

How can that be?

The thick and sticky trauma energy

The intense trauma energy from abuse gets stuck, making it increasingly difficult to access and shift. Again, a metaphor can help explain this phenomenon, so let's use the humble bee. Imagine it foraging for nectar and pollen and working incredibly hard to find sustenance. But not all landings result in what the bee wants, so it continually buzzes around to get to flowers with the energetic prize. This happens with the trauma energy; it shifts around trying to find the right source to attach itself to. When a suitable spot is sought, it sticks to it like Velcro, hooked in place and gets embedded by wrapping itself around every fibre.

The difficulty in moving this trauma energy lies with its attachment at an energetic level. It creates a different resonance and acts like glue that keeps it adhered to a particular place within the body-mind. The art of finding the correct resonance and then working out the counterintuitive force is a skill like no other. This is because it's like finding the lock, designing the right key to fit the precision of the lock and then releasing the forces that keep the trauma energy in place. It is now possible with the expertise and skill of an exceptional healer. So once the trauma energy becomes unstuck, it can be moved to a holding place that will not affect mechanisms within the body.

The hot spots are dealt with much differently by forcing them to reconstitute to a configuration held before the implosion. It is extremely energetic, and there is a finite point where the energy has to be accessed and given the correct treatment before it can get unlocked and repositioned within the body. If this does not occur, the energy becomes increasingly volatile, and implosion will happen again. The person will effectively be back at square one when it comes to treating the symptoms of childhood abuse. Hence, this highlights the importance of an ancient healing modality specific to restoring the energy flow so that it works properly and the soul can become fully intact.

How can that be?

The fragmented soul

How does the soul become fragmented if made of energy? This is something that has never been revealed before. So now, it is being shared because it has a bearing on how women are helped to heal from childhood abuse that will make a real difference in the rest of their lives. The soul is not one entity but comprises different energies from the past, present and future. Thus, fragmentation occurs when there is a disconnect between all the energetic parts of the soul. The chaotic nature of trauma energy causes fractures to appear.

These fractures are not splits in personality or identity or the different traits that make a person who they are. Instead, the fractures are gaps in the energy flow to and from the person to their energetic makeup. When these gaps start to appear, there are fundamental changes to how the person begins to feel about themselves and the situations they face. The energy blocks get wider and wider until the gap is sufficient enough to cause a fragment of the self to break away. It does not get lost but stays within the body until there is a shift in energy to reconnect the flow to its original state to function correctly.

This is why a person can become whole-self and discover the hidden aspects of who they are beyond healing. Some parts of self that can be explored were never available to them because of the abuse they experienced as children. It is like gaining lost opportunities of being the best version of themself, allowing all the hidden talents and skills to surface. When they do, it is the tools to change lives beyond what they could have ever wished for themselves.

How can that be?

Evolution of healing trauma and ailments

Healing all the trauma history within the body, mind, and soul is complex. Yet it's very doable with a therapist with the know-how and skill to guide a journey of self-discovery, healing and enlightenment. This alternative way of treatment for PTSD is not new and was once commonplace for healing people who experienced childhood abuse. It became lost in time, and despite its prowess in tackling the root cause of emotional and psychological disharmony within the body-mind, more conventional treatment methods overthrew it. Its deeper dealings with human conditions at an energetic level got ignored, and so the more mainstream treatments became widely accepted and used with some success.

How can that be?

The mind, body, and soul hold so much more information that can help shape the evolution of future trauma treatments. Firstly, it requires communicating on a different level to understand what the mind and body have to tell us about dysregulation and malaise due to childhood abuse. It's not in the realms of mystical ability but by seeing things in a whole different way. In particular, viewing disease and disharmony at an energetic level will be the key to advancing medical interventions.

Making our energetic bodies visible

Even so, how can that occur when the body produces electrical energy and has a biofield that could interfere with discoveries to help inform what is happening inside the body? A new way of seeing things can be developed that scans the energy of a body system. Then the irregularities can be viewed with precision to allow specific targeting of energy medicine as a correction treatment. One of the easiest diseases to view in this way is diabetes. For this reason, it shall become clearly evident what areas of energetic irregularities need to be corrected for the pancreas to function normally again.

Energetic hot spots, implosions and chaotic patterns can all be seen by the eye when the background energy is filtered out. But does such a scanner already exist? Yes, but it needs to be honed to become something that can visualise energy patterns in the body and mind. Once these patterns are seen and understood, then comes the truly miraculous aspect where boundaries of modern medicine are pushed further, and by sheer chance, the trauma energy becomes visible.

Revolutionise modern medicine

There comes a time when change needs to happen, and how things are done to immeasurably improve medical diagnostics and treatment. This is one of these moments because there is a desperate need for change in how trauma is dealt with in the body and mind. So let's take a closer look at what is currently being done and then find ways to look deeper into the body at an energy level. It shall open a new door to how people are healed from their ailments, not through pills or potions but through specific energy frequencies for certain diseases.

Not all forms of diseases or infections will be dealt with by an energetic modality, but so many that are known about can be effectively restored to health. Importantly, healing that uses energy frequencies in a particular way will revolutionise modern medicine. But don't get me wrong; it is not as simple as exposing a person to a particular frequency, and bingo, the issue goes away. It is much more complex and has to be done at a cellular level before exposing the true nature of the medical complaint.

Unlock the secrets held within the body, and then more significant gains can unfold as the realisation of what is needed to correct the disharmony is revealed. This is the point where long-lasting change can happen. The disease disappears, and the symptoms no longer trouble the person. Incredibly, all that has happened is that the right combination of targeted frequencies at the right place can make a difference between living with a condition or no longer being troubled by it. Now that is something worth considering!