Into the breach once more

Into the breach once more

There can be significant gains when society starts to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Yet, it seems like we are waiting to be rescued by some unknown service or organisation that can take care of us in a way they would like to be cared for. Alas, those days are gone. But are they? A path to more extraordinary things lies in the hope of humanity and the steps taken to sweep away the despair and sadness surrounding a gaping hole of need.

If you think about it, we all want the same thing, something or someone to care about us, And there lies the conundrum because there is a collective need in our society for a level of care that seems impossible to obtain. So, where do we start to look for the level of care that our hearts and minds desire? Does it start from within ourselves, or is it found in our communities, families or friends? The answer is yes, depending on where we look for it.

Some people are fortunate to have loving families or friends that support each other's wellness and establish a deep connection that is a guiding light to ensure all is cared for and well. Others may feel non-plus about the whole concept of care and neither seek it nor give it. However, some people crave care because they have an inner need not fulfilled by themselves. Neither are they supported in the way they would like by family or friends because they are distant and don't show appropriate care towards them.

A testament to who you are

What is the type of care that you crave? Ask yourself whether it goes beyond mainstream medicine and healthcare into something more mysterious and spiritual. If so, you may be nearer to addressing what part of you has an inner void you cannot fill with something superficial or bought. Perhaps you are stepping towards a direction of care that feeds the soul and opens the heart and mind to new possibilities.

So I ask you this as a testament to who you are and whether you know what your soul seeks. When pondering the answer to this question, do you reach for inspiration that springs to mind or feel it somewhere within your body? There is a distinct difference in how you sense your senses. The brain will be there for you, problem-solving, looking for answers to problems that might not exist or fuelling a desire based on what you have seen or heard. Yet, when the sensations get felt within your body, the subtleness of inner knowing indicates whether you need something that can be life-changing for you.

Subtle sensations are so easily missed in the humdrum of life.
Drowned out by noise, overstimulation from screens and "I gotta keep busy to keep up".
But what are you trying to keep up with every day?

Changing the way you live

People live their lives as though it matters to everyone else, and it doesn't. Just think about it for a moment; if you stopped spinning all the plates and let them all crash to the floor, what would you be left with? A pile of rubble that symbolises the chaotic nature of your current way of life, or is it stillness? If the latter resonates with you, then in stillness, you can find what your soul seeks and learn to recognise the subtleties of your inner knowing. That is when you can truly start to live authentically and with presence. Why don't you test it because, in trying, you will find a life compatible with your innate nature?

From that point forward, the breach of your inner need can start to close. You recognise how much you have missed establishing connections to your nature with nothing forced or preached upon. Just simply reconnect with yourself in the first instance and then with other things that matter to you. Forging deeper connections to the right people in your life and with the things you love to do are stepping stones to life balanced with care, devotion and compassion. Then your life shall change for the better.