Into the future

Into the future

There are a lot of changes afoot for Decus Healing in the coming year and how it can help people in the most extraordinary ways. Incredible and unexpected gifts get revealed and set a precedence for miraculous things to happen. There are paths to build, people to meet and situations to showcase the brilliance of the light that shines from our eyes and into the hearts and minds of the people we help to heal. Physical and mental health gets restored, and in the lives of those we help, they transform into a spiritual realm like nothing ever witnessed before.

So, as Decus Healing steps into the future with trepidation because it's unknown, we find the route unclear. At times, it appears littered with cul-de-sacs, potholes and hidden hazards, and this is when our minds step into overdrive, deciphering when to turn right, go straight ahead, or veer left. Yet, when we removed our angst, we soon realised that the road was not difficult to travel along; it was just because it could not be seen. Whichever way we choose, it is never wrong as long as the direction we take stays true to our hearts and allows us to do what we can to help others. All roads will inevitably lead to the same outcome and fulfilment of our legacy, which is beyond comprehension - at the moment.

Our Healing Legacy

Decus Healing's legacy is about what it can accomplish in the golden years of spiritual womanhood. By bringing forth tremendous insight into the mysteries of the mind, the complexity of the body's way of holding onto trauma energy and the soul's journey to enlightenment. Each one of these propensities has the potential to change things for the better - for the individual, the community and then society itself. They are the Root, the Stem and the Leaf of our legacy. Let's delve into what they mean.

Into the future

The Root of Change

The Root is about the need to heal and meet inner needs, which can alter things on a much grander scale. A person's healing need is the key to opening up much more about themselves. When they are fuelled with hope and want to be more than what they were dealt with in life, it does not have to be their defining point. After all, it is just lived experiences of what happened to them. What actually makes any person meet their inner needs is their actions. Hence, change must begin with a person's desire to heal what is troubling their body and mind.

Eliminating unwanted energies left behind from traumatic experiences can be the start of something much more significant for their well-being. Every part of the human body holds the energy from abuse and trauma at such a minute level that it may seem meaningless, insignificant or far too tiny to be even bothered about. Yet, it bothers, niggles and disrupts the normal flow of energy around and within the body. The debilitating trauma energy acts like a counter-current, causing untold friction within body cells, fibres, and whole body systems to feel the impact of it. Decus Healing can sweep the metaphorical road of this debris, strewn and clogging everything. And we mean everything!

Once the energetic barriers to wellness get unblocked and energetic disharmony is resolved, the flux and flow of energy within and around the body can resume. Therefore, the changes that meet the individual's needs can happen. They feel better about themselves and learn that they have potential within themselves that is waiting to be revealed. Then, they can stride forward with their baggage cleared, be their authentic selves, and claim their rightful place in society.

The Stem of Change

The Stem provides a mechanism for greater change for a person. It is an energetic superhighway to self. So, if a person is determined to be their best self, then within themselves is the catalyst for change. Then, one change leads to another. Self-awareness gets raised to a level of assuredness where the person becomes comfortable owning their foibles and glitches; after all, they are all part of who we are and present to the world. None of our idiosyncrasies are wrong. How can they be when the greatest gift we can bestow ourselves is to be authentic? We have the freedom of proclamation to others so that they can either take or leave it that we are our true selves through and through. What can come after that point of 'liberation of self' is even more remarkable.

Into the future

The Leaf of Change

The Leaf is about a new way of being that opens the door to spiritual awakenings in its many forms. The shape and complexity of the Leaf are the hidden abilities of a person's innate wisdom that can reach universal proportions as and when needed. This is where a person's own legacy will be, and it is obtainable if they desire to discover their higher self. Becoming a higher self is not just for healers, gurus and sages; 'ordinary' people are as capable of honing the techniques to live life at a spiritual level that is fulfilling from a whole different viewpoint. Decus Healing supports people in doing just that for themselves. We help people open doors to the hidden dimensions of their inner wisdom. They gain a quality of life that speaks to their soul and enables them to utilise an abundance of skills to help others live well. In turn, each person's fulfilment of their legacy is their defining point, which becomes how they help others be themselves. So, it perpetuates until that change is evident in society.

Into the future

The Longevity of Change

Our Leaf is the legacy that spans generations, starting with the here and now. It is a setting in stone of a forgotten route to healing that can create long-lasting change—serving humanity and opening the hearts and minds of anyone who seeks its healing benefits. The Leaf creates the channels required for long-lasting change, and its reach is widespread. We are not empire-building, nor is it bringing forth a new religion. The simplicity of living spiritually with an overarching sense of being the best version of ourselves encompasses everything we endeavour to do.

Now, you can see how the legacy of Decus Healing is essential for making a difference in people's lives and creating the longevity of change for the greater good of society. There are many avenues for change, and each direction has a common denominator for tackling trauma in various ways. All our healing routes inevitably travel inwards to the central core of decency and a humanitarian standpoint. It is a guiding compass that navigates what could happen if a wave of people wants to unblock the incredible facets of the mind, body and soul. Then, collectively, tremendous change can make immeasurable differences in countless people's lives.

The sacredicity of our legacy has a divine intervention spanning space and time that is ever present and watchful—permitting solutions to be revealed within the energy of our past, present, and future. So together, we can Root, develop a Stem and then Leaf... and Leaf... and Leaf because this is where incredible intellect can find the answers to challenging questions seemingly too difficult to solve. Now, that is a legacy!

Decus Healing is a guiding compass that navigates what could happen if a wave of people unblock the incredible facets of the mind, body and soul.