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Step into the unknown world of ancient healing that was once commonplace in society. To reveal how this once-lost modality can help pave the way for the advancement of modern medicine and deepen the understanding of how the body responds to trauma when abuse occurs between the ages of 0 to 21 years.

The human body is complex and has many hidden facets regarding how it can heal from trauma. For instance, there is a juxtaposition where the mind remembers and then tries not to remember. The information gets packaged in ways that prevent it from emerging in its wholeness and with clarity. So muddled thoughts and memories get jumbled and distorted, and bits get lost and become missing, which causes gaps in recall and circumstance.

Abuse is abuse in all forms, and how it gets recorded within our body and mind is remarkable. So when our focus shifts to what the body remembers, it is a whole different kettle of fish. There is squashing and distorting of trauma energy within the body, intensifying the signal rather than diminishing it. This heightened energy gets held in its entirety, and nothing gets lost. There it remains trapped in the body, hidden and unable to spell out its revelations with openness and truth.

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Energetic hot spots within the body

But what is the point of so much energy being stored and trapped within every fibre of our being? Think of it as an indelible time capsule of what happened and how it impacted us as human beings. It's difficult to comprehend that we all have an energetic way of recording every abuse event that has hurt us without needing witnesses, disclosure or justification. Thus, we possess an unseen dialogue of cosmic proportions that is absolutely about us as individuals with our unique experiences, physiology and emotions.

The hidden time capsule of hurt and pain from abuse is like a ticking time bomb that never explodes. Instead, its insidious nature creates intense, energetic pressure points within the person's body. It generates energetic unrest that influences the traumatised person's physiological and psychological aspects. The tiny spots of emotional energy flux and flow with a spiralling intensity trigger a cascade of changes to how the body and mind work and produce symptoms of PTSD.

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A way to heal that can help women beyond measure

These points of intense energy are difficult to locate within the mind and body, which means they persist year after year. These energetic hot spots haven't been pinpointed with therapeutic or medical intervention, so they remain untouched - until now! Through the resurrection of an ancient healing modality, women can heal all the trauma history held within the body and mind, along with the minor ailments caused by emotional disharmony.

Despite this new healing modality being ancient in its outlay, it is modern in its ability to tackle the issues that affect women today. It is so specific to their physiology and what happened to them that it is now possible to locate, gain access, and reposition each hot spot. So that the problematic energy gets released from the body during phase one. But it doesn't stop there when it comes to treatment for trauma.

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Removing the troublesome energy is like dealing with only a third of the trauma effects. The second phase of treatment smooths the ruffled and distorted mechanisms within the body. Thus, creating a super highway of energy flow as it should throughout and around the person's body. It allows the fragmented soul to reconnect and establishes the whole self again.

The third phase is crucial for the long-lasting effects of this type of healing for trauma. It involves the preset of a life destined for that abuse survivor. Think of it as being given a chance to repay a debt of life that they wouldn't be able to access because the effects of childhood trauma prevented them from fulfilling that.

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Take the next step to heal from childhood abuse

Perhaps you have made headway on your road to healing over the years and have dealt with many issues. In addition, much progress has been made towards managing the symptoms that have persisted since the abuse happened. But, no amount of therapy, including counselling, CBT or psychotherapy, has tapped into the untouchable trauma energy held within the body and mind. Hence, a time comes when that niggling sensation just won't sit still, making the survivor start to question what it is that still bothers their mind, body and soul.

Has your courage to 'go there' again got tarnished by 'I've done so well in the healing process that I'm in a much better place now'? Yet, deep down, it creates a reluctance to act upon a knowing that there is still work to do and much more healing to gain. Sitting in the quietness of your mind and sensing stillness in the body may seem like an impossibility. Particularly if you've spent decades firefighting the triggers and all the self-deprecating thoughts that have become your staple. But the new normal is not normal, and you know that.

So how can you know this new type of healing, with its hidden depths, is right for you?
Particularly when unpicking the tiny stitches of what keep the trauma energy locked within the body and mind seems like mission impossible. Yet here you are, having found an extraordinarily skilled therapist with the ancient know-how to pick and pull the threads that bind the trauma energy to every fibre of your being. It is such a specialist skill that divine intervention is required to carefully and gently harness every aspect of the healing need held within you.

Divine intervention that is spiritual in essence yet multi-dimensional across space and time is a rare phenomenon. Its healing power is immense yet unassuming to the person receiving the energetic treatment. It is the healer's unique ability to span the cosmic connection and conduct such spectacular energy healing.

So when the searchlight and compass keep getting lost all over again as you try to push past the hurt and pain from childhood abuse, seek a true and honoured healer. One that can connect to something much more significant than anyone could comprehend because these supernatural abilities can assist your healing. When you feel ready, it's time to stop pushing and allow your body to reveal its secrets until all the trauma history is gone. Then you'll re-discover yourself and return to your whole self once more. All you need to do is trust that your mind and body hold everything it needs for you to grow into the person you were always meant to be on the other side of healing.

Healing need not be onerous when the ownership of your future self is yours for the taking.