When will there be a second chance?

When will there be a second chance?

Our lives are full of second chances, and thank goodness there are because where would we be as a civilisation if it was one strike and you were out? The pressure would be enormous, and we would not be able to choose the right thing for fear of getting it wrong. Too much is weighted towards negative growth and very little on taking a risk if the benefits supersede everything that paved the way before it. I'm not talking about financial risk or fiscal dilemmas here, but about the chances of being human with all our quirks and irregularities.

We stopped being truly human because of our fears of appearing different, odd or something different from the normal way of being. But what is normal? To be not normal is to be human; think about it for a moment - not being normal is human! You may scoff or shrug your shoulders, knowing that somewhere along the way, everyone got lost and is searching for even the slightest glimmers to find themselves again. Yes, that tiny ember of knowing still glows in every one of us, looking for more than what life has dealt so far. It is not in a materialistic form but in something ethereal and mystical that challenges the soul of every human being to be better people.

A Universal Constant

Looking into our being is never easy, as it is full of holes that don't want to be explored because it's too painful, too unknown, or just not bothered. It may seem like no one else is bothered by getting the best out of themselves, given that the draw to self-indulge is so strong. Does there become a point when the message starts to sink in that filling our minds, bodies, and souls with stuff is just stuffing?

Are human beings the proverbial Christmas turkey that has to be golden, plump and well-liked by everyone that feast on all of its trimmings? For me, this answer is missing the point of being the best versions of ourselves. None of the trimmings matter, and neither does the time of year because living a more spiritual existence is a Universal constant.

I'll explain what I mean by that statement. The balance of all things living against all things is not as it should be. There is an imbalance towards the right of centre, and it skews dimensions beyond our solar system. It's affected by people living in a chaotic world when all they do to get by is to exist. When more people start to live a more spiritual existence, it can alter this shift and turn it towards the left of centre, and that is where the Universal constant needs to be. It is possible to get it back in place. It seems like a big problem, but one that can be solved with a small change, which is what I'm saying here.

The essence of what makes us human

Modern times are changing at a rate of knots, and things must slow down. Developing bigger and better things is fine since their need and purpose can improve people's lives. But one thing is overlooked time and time again, and that is the underlying nature of being human. It does not take the latest technology or invention to make humanitarian gains that are meaningful to the essence of what makes us all human. Love and compassion are fundamental flaws in our DNA, and honouring them takes courage.

These flaws take precedence over everything humans can achieve in their lifetimes and across the span of generations. When we deny ourselves that birthright, it is like attempting to walk a tightrope holding a tray whilst balancing the finest bone China tea set and trying not to sneeze. An impossibility, would you agree?

Yet, here we are at the start of 2023, trying to do just that, and we cannot even take the first unsteady step. So what needs to happen? Where do we go to make a difference in the lives of so many people searching for something that cannot be found no matter where they look?

What they are looking for is already within them, and they need help to find 'it' again. The 'it' will be different for each person, and it is in the stillness of searching that the essence of who they are is found and made the most of it. Some of the greatest minds of our time cannot emerge and what they have to share with the world is laid hidden from reach. Some of the greatest inventors and soothsayers are immobilised because of the shift in energy. Unleashing the essence of humanity through compassion, love, and healing can make changes that last an eternity.

The most significant gift society can bestow upon itself is to find what is needed to shift the energy block and bring an almighty flow of extraordinary people into our midst, and then times are for change.