Paintings that heal the mind, body and soul.

Paintings that heal the mind, body and soul.

My paintings are not ordinary; they are extraordinary in their intent and purpose to help heal people struggling with aspects of their emotional health. Please don't mistake them for emotional freedom techniques or any other meaningful method to help people regulate their emotions better. What you will find is something very different that brings about a new way to heal using ancient techniques that were once commonplace in society.

Why a painting?
Bringing this form of healing to the modern day is risky but necessary if well-being gets prioritised over orthodoxy. So you may be wondering why a painting? It is rather odd, to say the least. But this art form is not to be hung and admired on the walls of stately homes or galleries for the masses to view. Instead, this art form is ethereal, mysterious, and meant for the person who needs it the most.

Troubled times are linked inextricably to troubled minds, bodies and souls. So this is where the paintings are at their most powerful. The need fuels the vibration, and the Universe responds by soothing the unease. You will see energy in its rawest form in any of the designs. It is like no other form of energy that is currently known about or recorded. But here it is to see in all of its technicolour glory.

Each painting has a unique signature of energy, fluxing and spiralling in its energy parameters of a Universal dimension. This energy signature can connect with the human biofield and instigate the most wonderful healing opportunity for that individual. Yes, it seems dream-like, yet it has infinite possibilities to heal more than what is known by the recipient of the painting.

Holistic well-being outcomes are personal.
Healing should always have a holistic outcome because no symptom, thought, or biological process is insular. Each reaction to what troubles the mind, body and soul requires a specific action tailored to the person. And that is where my healing energy signatures come in. They give targeted personalised healing to an individual's needs and desired outcomes for changing a particular aspect of their being.

The technology to detect this healing phenomenon has yet to be available. In time, the healing prowess of these extraordinary artworks can be measured, including how their impact changes the holistic well-being outcome for all who possess a painting meant for them. In any case, a leap of faith is no leap at all; it is just a small step in the enormity of energy medicine. And how it can revolutionise society's well-being in a multitude of ways. Are you ready to take the leap?

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