Divine light

Divine light

Divine light is not light; it is so much more than that. It is a universal resonance that reverberates across continents. Even so, where it matters the most is its impact on the heart. When those vibrations stem from the heart, they penetrate the essence of our souls, which is the epicentre of what makes us human.

Shifting the mindset to a heart-set

However, some people seem unaffected by the impact on their hearts and souls because they have become accustomed to living in the mind. Perhaps they are too wrapped up in thoughts of 'if only things were better, then life would produce the abundance of everything I could ever wish for. Then, I'd be happy, content, admired and loved.' Besides, shifting the mindset to a heart-set is not prominent on everyone's wish list. How could it be when there is too much emphasis on coveting what other people already have, whether they have gained it through legal or illegal means?

I believe many of the human population have happier and more fulfilled lives. Not because they have found religion or possess every item of wealth they have bought. Instead, they have reached a time when successful careers, high salaries, and all the things that come with them no longer fit their outlook on life. These people embrace a different kind of richness and have wealth in abundance that is not materialistic.

It is because something deep within them starts to speak without words. An uncertain knowing that niggles away until they discover what it is. For them, it could indicate a different meaning and purpose to life that is itching to come forth and reveal itself. It is something that goes beyond what they have already achieved for themselves. Thus, it is soul-led, and the heart is the guiding force that keeps it alive until the awakening happens.

A spiritual awakening that is soul-led

Why do some people need a spiritual awakening? Particularly if they have always known that they are gifted in ways that are not conventional or the modern way intelligence manifests. So, for them, it is not about bringing an inner awareness they have not come across before or a general fascination for the good it can bring to society. Instead, it is to create a more profound spiritual venture to align with something ethereal that is sacred and divine yet non-religious.

To harness intelligence from an inner well of knowing connected to the soul and its infinite wisdom is not academic. It is something altogether different. More often, when people expand current knowledge and thinking, they are honoured with esteemed minds that border genius. Yet, many people who obtain intelligence from unknown sources of divine origin would not pass the genius level in an IQ test, but they seem to have genius ideas. Anyone can do this if they have the time and inclination to think differently. However, here lies the caveat. Think and be different, or don't give too much credence to thinking and allow things to be revealed from deep within ourselves. Now, that's different!

Divine light

The progress of the human race is not all about technology, artificial intelligence and medicine. There is another facet that can bring many advancements to improve lives for ordinary people who struggle in life through no fault of their own. It would be an incredible humanitarian feat if many more people learned about their hidden talents, and then they could act upon them. There would be some spectacular re-awakenings to skills that became lost in time.

Incredibly, some people in this day and age already have the solutions within them to solve issues without consciously knowing. Take, for example, how people can heal in a manner that encompasses their physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Disorders affecting the mind, such as autism or Alzheimer's, or those affecting the body, such as breast cancer and trauma from abuse, can be explored differently. Hence, the vital aspect that links them all is spirituality, not through religion but through the skills and talents people possess within their souls.

Discovering what the soul has to offer is like searching through a library of books containing every book that adorns a cosmic library of knowledge. Mindblowing!

Owning our spirituality

Discovering what the soul has to offer is like searching through a library of books containing every book that adorns a cosmic library of knowledge. Mindblowing! A person's spirit of self, their soul-self, has great potential to improve and enrich their lives and the lives of others, too. So it is there where the answers lie, not in one question but in many small questions with big solutions. With this in mind, what if people's spirituality could be explored safely and trustfully? What if they had the opportunity to open their minds and hearts to new possibilities? Would that bring with it the idea of owning our spirituality into an acceptable arena?

The truth lies within ourselves that can bring tremendous gains for a happier and more fulfilled self. Spirituality is not about special powers or dabbling with the occult. It is for the greater good of ourselves, and it is vital that our spiritual nature no longer gets ignored as something fanciful. The highest echelons of spirituality are something special that everyone has the chance to own. Ultimately, it is in the ownership of our spiritual selves that is the game-changer to life.

Contemplate with a unique form of sacred art

This type of ancient art is meant for deeper contemplation. Working with it can expand spiritual awareness to greater levels of divinity. Indeed, this sacred art initiates a different way of contemplating, taking meditation to a new realm: A soul-led journey and spiritual awakening like no other. It is sublime!

Achieving oneness with yourself is the start of exploring the boundaries of your spirituality. Yet, developing contemplation skills with a unique form of sacred art can be a game-changer for your life. It can bring opportunities for you to discover an abundance of incredible talents your soul holds. Not for experiencing past lives but to reveal a treasure trove of inner knowing linked to divine intelligence. All of these have purpose and meaning for now, the future growth of your spiritual self, and how you want to help others.

You can have an introspective route to divine intelligence through our Art of Contemplation Course.

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The ownership of our spiritual selves that is the game-changer to life.