Personal Energy Healing Signature Paintings

Ethereal art with hidden dimensions to heal

These unique paintings have hidden dimensions and meanings that give them the prowess to heal many issues for improved health and wellbeing.

Each painting can harness an unknown source of divine universal energy that is specific to your inner needs and has the potential for miraculous healing.

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Healing Artwork

How energy signatures enhance your healing.

  • Unlock the power of divine energy to help shift what keeps an inner need in turmoil so it no longer holds you back, allowing growth of future self.
  • For some, it can remove residual trauma energy held within the body and mind to gain inner freedom and find the newness of self with improved wellness.
  • For others, practising contemplation with a painting helps their inner wisdom emerge from the soul, transforming life in ways they never thought possible.
  • In some cases, miraculous healing occurs to help people in incredible ways.

Personal Energy Healing Signatures

This extraordinary ethereal art is an essential aspect of an ancient form of healing that Dr Linda Newby resurrected
and perfected through connection with an unknown energy source of divine origin, contemplation, and purity of heart.

Some paintings are TRAUMA ENERGY SIGNATURES for women who want to heal their trauma from abuse or adverse experiences.
They work with their personal painting to access the specific energy needed to heal their hidden trauma histories in our Trauma Group Healing Sessions or the Freedom from Within Package.

Other paintings are HEALING ENERGY SIGNATURES for people who want to elicit deeper contemplation and shift an energy block.
It enables healing and helps people reveal inner knowing, transforming lives in our Premula Treatment Package or Art of Contemplation Course.

Each original painting is hand-painted and enhanced with gold and silver leaf. It brings an energetic affinity
to heal your inner needs due to your unique circumstances.

Only one copy of each energy signature is ever made.

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