Ethereal Art with Healing Dimensions

Enhancing Divine Healing with Energy Signatures

These distinctive paintings have hidden dimensions and meanings that allow them to facilitate healing to enhance health and well-being. Each original artwork can harness powerful energy from a divine source and is designed to your requirements, offering the possibility of extraordinary healing with the potential for the miraculous.

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Healing Artwork

Energy Signatures can Intensify your Healing

  • Tap into the transformative power of divine energy to shift energy blocks so they no longer hold you back, allowing you to grow into your future self.
  • For many, this can release troublesome trauma energy within the body and mind, allowing them to gain inner freedom and discover a renewed sense of self with enhanced holistic well-being.
  • Others may find that meditating on a painting allows inner wisdom to surface from the soul, catalyzing life changes beyond their imagination.
  • Occasionally, such practices lead to extraordinary healing, providing miraculous change to individuals in remarkable ways.

Personal Energy Healing Signatures

This remarkable ancient art form is a crucial element of Decus Healing that Dr Linda Newby has revived and mastered through a connection with an unknown divine energy source.

Some artworks are Trauma Energy Signatures, designed for women seeking to heal from traumatic experiences. Working with these unique paintings allows them to tap into the specific energetic healing processes required to release their hidden trauma histories.

Other artworks are Healing Energy Signatures, intended for those who wish to induce deeper reflection and resolve an energy block. They promote healing and assist women in discovering their inner wisdom and transforming their lives for spiritual womanhood.

Each original watercolour piece is meticulously hand-painted and adorned with gold, silver, and bronze leaves, creating a resonance that serves to heal inner needs.

Each energy signature is exclusively created.

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