Healing Artwork with Hidden Dimensions

Enhancing Divine Healing with Energy Signatures

This remarkable ancient art form provides distinctive energy healing signatures with hidden dimensions and meanings that allow them to facilitate healing and enhance holistic health and well-being.

Each original artwork is hand-crafted, harnessing powerful energy from a divine source, and designed to your specific healing requirements. It offers the possibility of deeper healing connections that can be life-altering, especially when the outcomes have potential for the miraculous.

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Healing Artwork

Intensify your Healing

  • Some artworks are Trauma Healing Energy Signatures, crafted for women seeking to heal from traumatic experiences. Engaging with these distinctive paintings enables them to access the specific energetic healing processes necessary to release their concealed trauma histories from within the mind, body and soul.
  • Other artworks are Healing Energy Signatures, designed for those looking to foster deep connections and overcome energy blockages. They facilitate healing and aid women in uncovering their inner wisdom and reshaping their lives towards spiritual womanhood.
  • Defined ancient healing artworks for the Art of Contemplation are extra special and designed for women ready to transform their lives after healing from past traumas. They further enhance spiritual awareness, deepen the connection with the sacred and guide an introspective journey towards divine intelligence and fulfilling the soul's legacy.

The Healing Power of Energy Signature Paintings

This remarkable ancient art form is a crucial element of Decus Healing that Dr Linda Newby has revived and mastered by connecting with a pure, raw universal energy of divine origin.

Each energy signature painting is exclusively created through meticulously hand-painted watercolours and adorned with gold, silver, and bronze leaves. This creates a multidimensional resonance that heals trauma, reveals inner needs, and leads to spiritual enlightenment.

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