Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy
Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

How can it be when trauma is dealt with in so many different ways that there's a massive oversight of the hidden aspects of the disruption caused by trauma energy? It occurs time and time again, and this is because the trends in trauma treatment tend to veer towards the mind. The focus tends to be on finding cognitive ways to help the abuse survivors forgive and forget what happened to them. Yet, the mind doesn't work that way. It is forever trying to make sense of lived experiences, past or present. If only it were better understood why the mind tries to hold on to something, it would rather forget.

However, when it comes to trauma memories held within the body, there is a whole different mechanism for storing and retaining every little bit of what occurred. The body does not need to recall details or even the order things took place. What troubles the body in its immediacy can be something from childhood rather than what happened a few months ago or vice versa. Fortunately, a new energy healing modality doesn't require the sequential going back and tentatively exploring what can be remembered, felt or otherwise.

A different approach to treating trauma

Consider, for a moment, the humble beginning of something extraordinary in treating trauma. It takes time and patience for people to see the value of it. But when they do, something very different happens. Instead of it being high profile and lucrative, where lots of money is made, it has an altogether different approach. One that is solid at its foundation with an underpinning of truth, honesty and love. What stems from that is an outreaching of care beyond the care system and the medical help crumbling around the feet of those who desperately need it.

Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

Not everyone will see a new healing venture as that because it challenges what has worked and has now stopped working for the vulnerable and those in need. So where do these people reach out to when the hidden shame of abuse trauma dominates our culture? It is time to step towards a new way to heal that does not require prescribed medications. Neither does it need people to wait their turn because people with much greater needs must be tended to first. It's like waiting for a tsunami to hit; all they can do is sit and stare.

It's ok to spot the tidal wave and notice that it tells us to take action. But not doing anything about it is ludicrous - not to the traumatised person. Instead, the organisations stem the tide with sandbags filled with little hope of ever making a real difference in people's lives. It's the proverbial sticking plaster to lessen the person's hurt and pain in the short term. Actual gains are made to well-being if the after-effects of treatment are life-long. Whereby the person can rehabilitate from a position of pain and hurt because the trauma issues within the body and mind get rectified. They are gaining a new starting point where they can grow into the fullness of their future selves.

The healing that enables the body to speak without words

The new way to heal goes beyond the realms of Reiki healing and taps into a groundbreaking revelation that can make all the difference to trauma therapy. Through connections to the heart, mind and soul, the body can speak without words or re-experience the myriad of emotions surrounding past traumatic events. For this to happen, the individual must be present and have an inward focus for the body to heal its trauma history. Orchestrating the smoothing of pathways for the body to relinquish what it needs for wellness on many levels.

Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

When the body speaks in a way that is so beneficial, miraculous things can happen to change the energy dynamic for the greater good of the person. The subtle alterations on a minute level are a very specialist undertaking. Pinpoint accuracy is only ever achieved by a unique and talented healer with ancient know-how. It is not something learned but something gifted. An astonishing talent that brings back an ancient healing modality that was once commonplace in society. Hence, other trauma-informed modalities that work with energies within and around the physical body cannot utilise this unique phenomenon.

True healing uses a unique formula of healing keys, energy signatures, and intuitive spiritual guidance that is fluent and heavenly. It can achieve spectacular things to mend troubled bodies, minds and souls. Indeed, within a few healing sessions that require connections on many energetic levels, women can capitalise on the collective power of group healing. Likewise, if the treatment is one-to-one, the hidden depths of a person's trauma history can be fully explored and healed. Ultimately, the prowess of this ancient healing methodology can target the need held deep within the body and mind to rectify hidden trauma-related issues and heal a dysfunctional system.

Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

Healing trauma alongside hormonal challenges at menopause

The nature of these unseen energetic alterations must be addressed if a solution is to be sought. Over time, the advances in medical imaging of body systems will take on a new direction. Technology can be used to distinguish energy irregularities in and around a particular organ and influence how the body works. Furthermore, the body is a multi-dimensional system that, once explored differently, can give a new perspective to treating trauma.

Follow my leader - An eye-opening standpoint on the future of trauma therapy

To illustrate this point, let's look at the pancreas. Some women hold trauma energy in and around the pancreas, which has a three-fold knock-on effect.

  • Firstly, the functioning of the pancreas is compromised, and the women will show a similar pathology to Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Secondly, the pancreas function influences how the ovaries work; thus, a woman will tend to be perimenopausal for longer.
  • Thirdly, the trauma energy stuck and embedded in the cells and tissues will alter the energy dynamic of the endocrine system.

Other endocrine glands that play a role in regulating feelings of wellness are compromised. So mood swings are more pronounced and severe. These hormonal imbalances influence difficulties in sleeping.

The solution for women with unresolved trauma going through the menopause transition

The solution is available, and getting support to heal the minuscule differences that cause havoc within a woman's body is possible. Exploration and discovery are vital in assessing a woman's physiology and how trauma energy impacts her health and well-being. So finding the imbalance is the first step to something extraordinary in trauma treatment. The tailored healing can ensue once imbalances in essential nutrients are found, including the location of destructive pinpoints of intense trauma energy within the body systems. Even though the seven treatments are personal and specific, the healing can be done within small groups of women who want to participate in their recovery and of others.

Never before has there been something so specific that considers the unique circumstances of the lived experience of abuse trauma, the woman's particular physiology and the detrimental way the long-held trauma energy has influenced the mechanisms deep within the endocrine system. And here it is. The solution!

The outcome of this radical way to heal is spectacular. It goes beyond any conventional 'one-size fits all' programme of supporting women to resolve their trauma history and life during and beyond menopause.