Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen
Seeing the Unseen

The hurt from abuse in childhood resides inside the body and mind. Not as a physical mass but as an energy that fluctuates and flows. It raises its energy level and then dwells in a condensed spot of extreme inner anguish. It wields its influence on other energetic properties within you by creating feelings of unease and instability in many aspects of health and wellness.

You may think, so what? Energy is energy! Surely, one type of energy dissipates into another and creates something the body uses in normal energetic processes. But, there is something entirely different about trauma energy that stems from childhood abuse; it has a frequency of its own.

The trauma energy signature

Every abuse survivor has an energy frequency fingerprint exclusive to them, making it difficult to decipher the circumstances of what happened to them as a child and how best to support them. The unique trauma signature of that individual forms as a result of all the impact of the relationship, the nature of abuse, and the child's age.

The signature of trauma energy and its frequency is the key to potent treatments for their recovery. Without it would be like trying to drive a diesel car by giving it petrol or trying to make an aeroplane fly on orange juice. You may ask, but how does someone who has suffered the most heinous childhood events get to know their unique trauma signature? Or, how can a therapist specialising in treating survivors with complex needs from an abusive childhood use their trauma energy signature to full effect? The answer to those questions is - they can't.

They use professional curiosity, dedicated guesswork, skills, and training at best. At worst, the person who should care for and protect the survivor on their recovery route doesn't seem to care or protect. Some just let the money roll in, and the clients roll out no further forward than the day they set foot into the therapy room. So, how can survivors get what they need when they need it? How can they take what they know and don't know to the next phase in their healing journey? The answer may lie with going to an energy healing therapist who deals with energy in a whole different way.

A whole new level of trauma therapy for you

There is an exceptionally skilful practitioner here at Decus Healing, and she will be the filter to what is good and serves your body well. But also remove all the trauma energy within you that sits like an unwanted guest in your home. As for your unique trauma energy signature, she will know because your body will speak to her, not in words, but with energy that connects you both.

You'll get a personal healing symbol and an emotional keepsake from our time together. A piece of artwork about the energy that brought more depth, meaning, and purpose to your key healing stages. It's the closest you'll get to see your unseen trauma energy signature and the specific energy it took to create the most effective healing treatments for you.

The trauma history held deep in every part of you gets resolved to bring a new beginning to transform your life in ways you never thought possible. It is a whole new level of personalised trauma therapy that is so specific to you and the types of abuse you encountered that very few things in this world are comparable. It does not need a leap of faith or an influencer to show you the way, and you will instinctively know that this new way to heal from childhood abuse is for you.

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EndNote: We believe that using a trauma energy signature in our Freedom from Within Package parallels the NHS England basis for personalised medicine. A new dimension has emerged to energy healing therapy that may help transform how abuse survivors think about their holistic healthcare. We intend to help deliver some key aspects of the four Ps; Prevention of disease, more Precise treatment that's Personalised and targeted therapeutic intervention, and a more Participatory role for clients.

Although NHS England combines and analyses information about an individual's DNA, we do not. Instead, we work with highly specific and potent Universal healing energy modalities and a client's unique trauma frequency fingerprint. The interconnection between an ancient healing system and our new approach makes it possible to enable truly personalised care. This can help women move away from simply managing their long-term effects of childhood abuse and turn a spotlight on promoting holistic health and wellness.

If you want to know more about how the NHS defines personalised medicine (precision medicine) and its benefits, click here.