People are finding life very difficult at the moment. Try as they might, they cannot shift the unsettled feeling inside themselves. When life is such a struggle, people seek things to help them soothe the situation. However, it depends on the person's outlook on life and what they reach out for to ease the situation. Some will find the easiest solvers to their problems, and for them, it is the right thing at the right time. Alternatively, some may want another person to give them the life-changing keys to a new life with abundance in all its forms.

In contrast, others may need to find something different and more profound. They are looking for something worth fighting for but is more difficult to access right away. Because of this, they want to search for answers within themselves and seek a much deeper route to a more fulfilled life. Then life can transform because they begin to value being present. They start to notice all the beautiful things that bring joy and remove anything that does not align with how they want to live more spiritually.

Find the best version of yourself

Life can be at its fullest when people take the time to slow the pace and get busy, not being busy. Yet, the problem with slowing down and wanting to find our true life's path is a juxtaposition to how we currently live.

So I invite you to pause and focus on yourself for a moment. It feels odd, doesn't it? Yet when you make it a habit in your daily life to sit, absorb the silence and notice stillness within yourself, things can change for the better. Why? Because there lie the embers of your true self that has hidden treasures galore.


Too many things can shroud the authentic self, especially when childhood abuse has shattered the wholeness of the soul. So healing is crucial if you want to tap into that hidden aspect within yourself, especially if you harness a new way to heal like nothing seen before. A modality that can release so much more than the troublesome trauma energy that fluxes and flows within your body.

The energy becomes trapped and wrapped within every fibre of your body, and it is the biggest cloak that smothers who you are. For this reason, it's like trying to live your life with only half of you present at any time. Yet when this trauma energy gets removed, a different way of being can become known as your higher self.

A new beginning for life to transform

We all have it within ourselves to heal in this new way so our inner knowing can emerge. Ask yourself, has the spiritual part of you been left by the wayside as you try to get your life in balance? Perhaps the spiritual side of self-care is considered more deeply when it's for religious reasons. But what if you don't want to find religion? What if you don't like the idea of having to have faith in something you don't want to believe? Being spiritual (SBNR) does not have to be a belief system; it is a way of being that brings out the best version of yourself.


Imagine that you have harnessed energy healing like no other therapy you've come across. Its healing potential has got to the essence of your inner need and the depths of energy irregularities that need correcting.

  • Resulting in changes to how you feel about yourself, and the deeper impact of long-held disharmony from childhood abuse no longer influences you.
  • There's a new beginning for your life to transform beyond recognition.
  • You find yourself again, grow into the person you were always meant to be, and a window has opened to the many hidden talents you possess.

The art of contemplation

So how do you start to find your inner knowing when you don't know where to look? By practising the art of contemplation, you'll discover the way to access inner wisdom at its most majestical. It is an art form all of its own because it requires much more than mindfulness, meditation, chanting and prayer. Or whatever else you may do for quiet reflection and sitting in the stillness of your own space.


Achieving a deeper level of stillness and inner calm can open the vault to your greatness and what you can share with the world. So contemplation needs to be done on an outward expanse that connects the soul with the Universe. It's like being suspended in time through an unseen thread of knowledge and enlightenment. Then wondrous things can be found that honour your higher self and humanity.

For example, the ability to heal people is even more remarkable when a healer can access healing power in its purest and rawest form. The dimensional aspect of this form of energy is vast and spectacular in its ability to heal all manner of things. But also in its prowess to be minute enough to tackle the tiniest of problematic energy that resides deep within the body from abuse in childhood.

The origin of raw energy is beyond space and time. Where space and time no longer exist, energy gets created differently from what is currently known. This is the foundation stone for harnessing healing energy in its rawest form for the greater good of every living thing. Its reach is infinite, from minuscule to Universal, when used with respect, honour, and utmost integrity.

Sentiment and the fantastic realm of contemplation

So, where does that leave sentiment and the fantastic realm of contemplation? In the recesses of your mind and also resides in the glowing ember of your inner knowing. There it shall sit until it gets reborn with your spiritual journey. It can take you to places within yourself to find inner knowing of all the skills and talents you have to share with the world. What will your journey hold for you? Only time will tell, and only you will instinctively know when that time is for you to act upon it.

Opening the mind to a different dimension is a gift and feeds the soul. It involves a surrendering of self to the vastness of the Universe. Only the most determined of minds and openness of the soul can venture this type of complete awareness. It brings with it the highest order of being at one with oneself that spans space and time—enabling access to new knowledge and understanding beyond mortal ways of thinking.