Spiritual womanhood

Spiritual womanhood
Spiritual womanhood

The spiritual side of ourselves is an aspect of health and well-being that is often overlooked, neglected or stigmatised because of how it gets viewed with negative connotations. Yet, when a journey of healing and greater spiritual awareness presents itself, taking that option can be for the greater good of ourselves. Women who want something more from life but not in a materialistic way chose to do the Premula Package.

Premula has three healing phases

The women who participated in the Premula Treatment Package PILOT this year were pioneers in their unique journeys that led to spiritual womanhood and an afterglow of health and well-being. For nine weeks, they explored and progressed through the three key phases of healing. They embraced every aspect of the powerful energy healing treatments. All of which encompass Meno-GO for them. Regardless of whether they had gone through or were still going through the challenges of the menopause transition, their holistic wellness benefited in the most remarkable ways.

Each spectacular group healing session required them to participate wholeheartedly with unusual and highly specific visualisations that brought healing increments and adjustments to health and wellness. It helped bring everything to the forefront of their inner knowing and find what was needed to break the invisible barriers to the true self and remove long-held energy blocks. This allowed the fruition of everything that paved a new way of being at one with themselves, opening their hearts and minds to be their best selves and gain fulfilment and joy in midlife and beyond.

Starting the Premula journey

So, what was it like for these pioneering women who wanted to make this kind of difference in their lives? They start their Premula journey with commitment and self-action, bringing an openness to accept what needs to happen. In the first pivotal phase, they did the preparation and groundwork to harness all that comes next that would benefit them the most.

Here's what women say about their experiences of the first healing phase.

"I feel peaceful and centred and know there has been a big energy shift. A moving on, physically improved, lighter, stronger, better than before."

"I felt I was being lifted out of myself and filled with light... like I was being given something I had asked for and made possible. It was helpful to allow emotions to be noticed but not judged. I felt more relaxed and at ease."

"I noticed that something had gone. I didn't know what it was; it had just gone. I have become stronger and more empowered within myself."

Transitioning to the next level of healing

Moving out of phase one and into phase two was seamless and capitalised on the inner work they had already done for themselves. The next level of healing is very different, more intense, sophisticated and extremely powerful. The divine energy maximises each meaningful and purposeful process for their healing needs and awakens inner knowing. What they gained from doing group healing in phase two was phenomenal. It was like stepping onto another dimension that opens possibilities, raises self-awareness and empowers something that has always been within them. Seeking a tiny orb of golden light as it signifies all they are and can be as long as they continue to have faith in themselves.

Spiritual womanhood

Finding the hidden dimensions of themselves is a wonderful thing to do in the safety of the Decus Healing environment that uses an ancient art of energy signatures. It was not a gimmick to heighten interest or showcase a unique way of seeing healing energy. It is something gifted to the artist Dr Linda Jane Newby to share with those they are meant to help. They offer a unique opportunity to bring healing energy to the trauma history held within their body and mind and a midlife change as the body readjusts to life beyond its reproductive years.

These highly personalised healing signature paintings help awaken the spiritual side. They aid women in living as their best selves and encourage them to do things that bring joy and fulfilment on their terms rather than relinquishing their inner needs to do what others expect of them. Indeed, these powerful treatments enabled women to sit comfortably within themselves and know there are choices and ways of doing things that need not erode who they are. With this in mind, living a life that allows the whole of them to flourish is the ultimate form of women's empowerment.

Here's what women say about their experiences of the second healing phase.

I lifted my painting to the ceiling, and it looked beautiful. Afterwards, I felt free, more freer than ever. It felt deeply relaxing and intense... allowing energy to flow through, and I was in the right place and healing. It felt like I had released something, and my heart opened and softened.

"When I got my painting, I saw it as a living vortex in 3D. It was lit with a vibrant light, like a living light. It brought amazing experiences, healing and rejuvenation. I realised I already had what I was looking for and always had."

"The healing unlocked a deep blockage... I was very moved, and tears flowed, which is rare as I had not cried properly for over four decades."

The Fundamentals

Any woman who receives the two fundaments is gifted in their own right, and hidden skills, knowledge, and talents are opened for their emergence. So, when these women transitioned to the third and final phase of Premula, they experienced extraordinary treatments. Again, it involved highly specific visualisations and signature healing paintings. They worked with different paintings, some to stimulate healing from the highest echelons of divine energy. Other paintings were destined for a few women who were soothsayers and provided a gateway to a higher intelligence that was otherworldly. On this occasion, some women were given specific paintings for miraculous healing that can change lives forever.

Spiritual womanhood

Nonetheless, it is enlightenment at its finest because it allows them to be all they are and be with the right people around them. These incredible women learnt the fundamentals of their souls and fulfilled their true destinies. Opening their hearts and minds to new possibilities, a different way of being that establishes joy and fulfilment in their being. Given time, their higher self is made prominent and spiritual womanhood is foremost in whatever they achieve beyond their Premula journey.

Here's what women say about their experiences of the third healing phase.

"Wow, amazing! Lots of unconditional love and understanding, recognition and acceptance... a coming home. The past does not have to define my future or even me now."

"I felt strengthened, positive and joyful. I felt we were doing something deep and special; it felt like a springboard to the future."

"I felt a release from looking at the second painting. I felt love and energy passing through me, was very emotional towards the end, and felt the future 'me' combine with myself."

How does any of us know what our true destiny has in store?

When we consider the true intent of any sacred healing practice, it is love, which is what Decus Healing is all about. It differs from the type of love people get from an intimate partner relationship. Instead, it is something much greater, an ethereal love that can speak to the soul and mend what troubles it.

Spiritual womanhood

Imagine if all we could ever want and do was handed to us on a plate. It is up to us to select what aspects we want for ourselves and how we would like to help others improve the quality of their lives. We would take it... right? But the possibility is already within us; we only need someone to help us find it. A deep trust in ourselves and the people we want around us is integral to allowing phenomenal things to happen in our lives.

Some people only get a glimpse of what the possibilities are. Others have an inner knowing that something deeper within themselves wants to emerge. Yet, only a few stumble upon what life can bring to them because they instinctively know what path to tread but don't know where it will lead them. The capacity to explore unfamiliar territory within the body and mind is an extra skill for finding the way forward.

A beacon to finding your tribe
We all need a radar to sift out the egotistical and the self-serving people who want a different gain, such as avarice, manipulation and exploitation of other people's goodwill or the takers in life who grab all they can and claim the glory for themselves. This is why those with purity of heart struggle to find their tribe, and, in doing so, the route is strewn with all the blind alleys and people that came and went. Finding those pure-hearted people is difficult, and a beacon of light is required to stake its claim of just that.

Women with goodness in their hearts can finally find it in Decus Healing, whether for healing trauma, minor ailments, mental decline or spiritual living at its highest order. All it takes is a question to something they deeply seek and find an infinite answer from the soul. So, let's open our hearts and minds and let them direct us to our next chapter in life and create changes for the greater good.

"I had a shift in perspective in appreciating the painting and what is right for me. I saw there was access to a delicate and subtle beauty within me and a vast array of previously untapped potential just waiting to come forth and be explored."

Discover the next healing chapter in your spiritual life

Apply for the Art of Contemplation Course starting in January 2024, or register your interest in participating in the next Premula Treatment Package.