The Autistic Mind

The Autistic Mind
The Autistic Mind

The workings of the autistic mind are extraordinary and should not be underestimated in terms of the hidden capabilities they possess. They have a superhighway of intellect that differs greatly from non-autistic people's. This does not make them all geniuses but offers a different way of perceiving things. What makes autism even more remarkable is when we include the body's influence on what is processed and understood.

The mind and body act together to absorb everything happening in every situation. Employing all senses and sensitivities can lead to sensory overload. The overwhelm shuts down the window of functioning well, and time is needed to rebalance themselves on many levels. However, the ability of neurodivergent people to utilise their heightened sensitivities is a strength that can open more astonishing possibilities for the human mind and body. So here we enter a realm of exploration of delving deeper into the autistic mind and allowing the body to be part of that journey.

The Autistic Mind

Delving deeper into the autistic mind and body

At the outset, it is not to treat autistic people as guinea pigs for study but to allow them to express themselves to inform new learning and understanding. Fundamentally, they have hidden dimensions of knowledge that can help every one of us. Differences are only differences when people treat people differently. Think about it. Yet, when we afford the time, advocacy, and equality, autistic people have so much to tell us in their own way and with a narrative that has a language of its own. This form of language is one of their combined sensitivities that opens a gateway to all their body and mind's hidden possibilities.

For instance, their sensitivity, physiology, and inner wisdom can enlighten us about how they sense pain and inner anguish from the impact of traumatic encounters in their lives. It grants a comprehension that goes beyond what is currently known and understood about the paradigm of autism. Autistic traits are complex and open-ended, yet they are confined by convention and current ways of understanding them. So, how do we get to know more? How do we tap into a deep pool of insight that can bring another perspective on autism and what it means to be autistic in modern times? It's a big ask, but it can be done through self-exploration.

Developing a network of commonalities that benefit autistic people

Exploration of self relies on navigating the body and soul and trusting what it can tell us, all within the safety of Decus Healing. It benefits those who want to reduce the impact of abuse trauma and improve their ability to manage emotional highs and lows, preventing them from feeling overwhelmed. These autistic explorers are the ones who are curious about their way of being, why things are as they are, why some things are complicated where other things are as easy as pie, and they wonder why everyone else seems to struggle when it is a straightforward skill to have. So when a person takes on the mantel to explore self and discover what their autism means, then leaps into greater understanding can proceed. Subsequently, it gives advantages to the broader autistic community wherever they may be.

The Autistic Mind

In navigating the traits of autistic people, a network of commonalities can be put in place. This is an array of eclectic characteristics that have not been identified before. An interconnection of similarities with defining differences in how they affect an autistic person's ability to interact with their environment. They are bridges between what is currently known and the expanse of the unknown. Consider these bridges as small defining moments that can bring great potential to the forefront and a tipping point that can lead to new areas of expertise. All with an outcome of benefiting autistic people in the first instance and then non-autistic people, too.

Let's look at one of those bridges in the following context, where there is a disconnect between what the body senses and what the mind interprets. There is a finite balance between coping and not coping, feeling and not feeling, understanding and confusion about what is happening in a given moment. Don't get me wrong; it is not something to be mended or cured but rather an area of exploration that can bring an alternative way of linking two discrete things. So, finding what the bridge is for an autistic individual is where new knowledge and learning lie.

The Autistic Mind

There are many light bulb moments for the autistic person to discover and map out what works for them. Then, a database of traits develops, and patterns are found. For example, an autistic person with trait A benefits from two types of bridges. Trait B benefits from one bridge, whereas trait C cannot connect with any particular bridge, so a combination is worked out for that individual. For them, it's a type of bespoke connection that helps that person manage their traits to maximise their potential to fulfil inner needs in a way that suits them and how they experience things.

Thus, our proposition is a monumental task to increase understanding of the autistic mind in many ways. It values the importance of supporting them in being known for their advantages and what they can contribute to society to make a long-term difference in autistic people's lives. Moreover, it goes beyond reducing the stigma and the shame of autism. Instead, it aims to advance autism intellect, underpinned by alternative ways of thinking, perceiving, and solving.

Differences are only differences when people treat people differently. Think about it.

Autism Group Support for Women

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