When change is needed for change's sake

When change is needed for change’s sake

It is a difficult world to live in at the moment because of all the hate and selfishness that reside within our communities. People have stopped looking out for people, and the lack of compassion is breathtakingly evident. But what about those who care and try to help others the best they can? They are often overlooked, dismissed and disregarded by the very people who need help, support, and somewhere to turn when the going gets so out of kilter that suicide becomes a viable option for them.

It is the storm that everyone can see happening but isn't inclined to seek the right sort of shelter for their well-being needs. Those needs are complex and numerous and trouble the mind, body and soul. So a wind-cheater, umbrella, blanket, or coat is not enough to stem the pending doom. What needs to happen is something altogether different. A new approach to tackle this age-old problem where ordinary people are left to fend for themselves in the best way they know how to. Many people don't experience the kind of kindness that builds bridges to reach the needy and the weak.

How weakness is viewed

So why is it that society despises the needy and abhors the weak? They are traits in all of us, and holding these thoughts, feelings and difficulties at bay only exacerbates the issue.

Let us address this in the context of the weakness of the body, mind and soul. It should never be frowned upon or scoffed at because there is always an underlying cause to the disharmony. Yet, neither should it be capitalised upon by people who recognise weaknesses and exploit them for personal gain.

But, when we view weakness in an altogether different way, it is about how the body signals that things are not right. It is when the mind is tormented by self-doubt, and loss of self-esteem is the ultimate break point. Once a person's identity and presence are tittering on a precipice is reached, then how can they will themselves to fight back and regain wholeness once more?

They can find support that honours their need and encourages self-exploration so that the guide ropes and safety nets are in place. A person is never, ever getting rid of weakness but fuelling that side of themselves to step away from the inner void and fill it with hope, love and a level of care that speaks to the soul. I reach out to the people whom this resonates with; it is not a weakness; you are not weak; you are just a person with a hole to fill within yourself that can help restore who you are and what you love to do best.

What about neediness?

Neediness differs from weakness because sifting through needs is required until the essence of what is needed is sought. Consider this, how can you self-reflect when you don't know who self is? Can you see and feel your inner need, or is it just what other people tell you it is? Other people cannot tell you what's needed to be put right to bring your whole being back into balance.

Time brings wisdom to the surface at the right moment in your life. Putting pressure on yourself to understand yourself more fully is a thankless task. Since it is like trying to swim in the vast ocean without a compass or a flashlight to help guide the way.

So your neediness is about finding your inner wisdom because it is the guiding light and compass that enables you to navigate the difficulties in life. Explore what works for you to help serve the need, and slowly but resolutely, your inner guru will shine through.

Tools for empowerment

Weakness and neediness are similar bedfellows with commonality in their depowering connotation. But when we view them through different eyes, we can hold them close to our hearts and minds by accepting them as nothing but personal empowerment tools. When they are used in that way to make change happen for the better, then their power shifts to self-awareness and movement towards the outcome of being better than you once were - and that is growth.

You can grow into yourself. It is a responsibility unlike no other because it is about being your best version. When you live and breathe that part of yourself, it reinforces your power base. When your powerbase is re-energised, buoyant and balanced, you become a force to be reckoned with because it fuels the path to helping others who need assistance with finding themselves again or finding themselves for the first time in their lives.

We have all heard about the ripple effect of kindness when being kind towards somebody spurs them on to pass that kindness to others. But what I mean here is the ripple effect of women helping women find who they are; in turn, those women help other women discover who they are. It is a powerful thing to behold and is something that can help change how society views and empowers women.