When you know, you know!

When you know, you know!
When you know, you know!

Women are more often than not overlooked because of their maturing age and loss of youthful bloom. A superficial bias that runs through society, in every workplace and homestead. Yet remarkable change can happen when the age barriers are lifted, and the maturity and wisdom of women are allowed to shine through. Not only for the benefit of everyone they care for but also for the most significant difference in how women are viewed and treated. When it is mainly by those who cannot and will not see past the greying hair, the menopausal fog and the midlife label that is so firmly fixed in their attitudes and behaviour.

Women are givers of a different intelligence

Let's imagine for a moment that midlife is no longer frowned upon. The label 'best before date' is scrubbed from our consciousness, and women of a certain age are seen as the givers of different intelligence. As strange as it may seem, this is not an 'if only' scenario; instead, it is doable and in an instant. All that is needed is a different perspective on the same issue. Rather than menopausal women being seen as a detriment to burden and kept in the shadows, society could embrace all they offer. Fundamentally, being menopausal and undergoing tremendous change creates change, which can be harnessed in all of its facets.

When you know, you know!

So, not knowing what to say or how to deal with women's needs at any phase of menopause is not an excuse. It is a blatant disregard for adaptability. Women don't stop being valuable assets because they feel hot around the collar, irritated, bloated, and sometimes downright grumpy.

Their bodies are changing, and they have their hormones to thank for that. What doesn't change is their innate intelligence and inner wisdom waiting to be revealed like a spring-loaded gun ready to go off. And so, the stages of menopause are changes to be embraced for all of the right reasons.

The body battles two major disruptions

When trauma from abuse is added to the mix, the body battles two significant disruptions, heightening sensitivities. The abuse may have happened decades ago, but the body and mind were left with the aftermath to manage every day. There is a persistent internal reminder that all is not well because of the chaotic nature of trauma energy and its ever-constant tries to find its place. This displaced energy within the body is a troublesome force that creates a series of issues for women at menopause. It influences a woman's physiology, disrupts energy flow in and around the body systems, and dysregulation from hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. (find out more here)

When you know, you know!

To help explain this phenomenon, let's consider a metaphor that can illustrate what is unseen but felt by the body, especially at a time in women's lives when they begin the route to menopause and beyond it. Imagine a situation where the grass needs cutting, but you only have a pair of nail scissors to trim the lawn. A difficult task that would take a lot of time and effort to get the job done correctly. In the meantime, the grass continues to grow, and all your effort goes unnoticed. To the outside world, you haven't cut the grass, and you get vilified for it.

So you get yourself a giant pair of scissors and start again. But the bigger scissors blunt easily, and no sooner as you start the task, the problem becomes much bigger and more challenging to manage. What has gone unnoticed for a long time is now causing much more anguish and distress. It makes you question why what was once a minor concern has become the elephant in the room. Therefore, do you find another way to cut the grass? Yes!

When you know, you know!

Dealing with the chaos of trauma energy

It is possible to deal with the hidden chaos of trauma energy and, at the same time, smooth the pathways that have become dysregulated because of natural menopause. They are allowing the phases of menopause to progress as they should without the challenges that some women face because of the influence past trauma is having on the body systems.

Women who heal their past trauma from their minds and bodies are given a new life to live without carrying the burden of all the past trauma that happened to them. It does not mean they become someone different; instead, they grow into themselves. Being able to flourish in ways they never knew they could because the trauma blocked that part of themselves.

When menopause is viewed differently

Menopause is about stopping; hormones stop being secreted, menstruation stops, youthfulness stops, and a reproductive life stops. But what if menopause is viewed differently? Instead of stopping, what if it was replaced with going, Meno-GO. When women transition through Meno-GO it is an altogether different thing. Yes, menstruation stops, but the rest of the changes are a chance to go and remove the barriers to what has held them back for too long.

When you know, you know!

Women can evolve into a new form of womanhood. One that embraces change for all the right reasons, enabling and empowering and creating a formidable stronghold of women who stake their claim to being women who have survived abuse and transitioned through menopause and now own who they are.

Meno-GO opens a new way of being

Meno-GO is the way forward for women who want something more from life and are willing to do what is necessary to make a difference in how they live and feel about themselves. The old habits and ways of doing things can change with 'The Change.' Isn't that what the change is all about? Adapting to a new way of being and casting away the chains and barriers to accomplishing extraordinary things that can enrich lives beyond measure.

An opening of new windows of opportunity and pushing boundaries to tell the world that 'this is who I am!' Reveal the boundless wisdom that is held in your being, and then generations of girls and young women can embrace the changes their bodies need to go through in midlife and be proud that it is a time to let go, transform and be all that they can be when they reach Meno-GO.

So you can see now that menopause is nothing to fear or hold back from. With the proper support and healing, women can evolve into a new form of womanhood. One that embraces change for all the right reasons, enabling and empowering all they have to offer society and much more.

It can create a formidable stronghold of women who stake their claim to being women who have survived abuse and transitioned through menopause and own who they are.

Now isn't that reason enough to Meno-GO with the grace and courage of pioneering women who know deep down within themselves that their destiny is much more than what life has dealt? And for them, their incredible journey is about to begin.

When you know, you know!