Menopause and Healing Trauma

Trauma Healing and Menopause

Step into a divine energy healing space with our tailored sessions for women seeking holistic approaches to nurturing their minds, bodies, and souls. These in-person sessions are a haven for overcoming trauma and navigating the challenges of perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause symptoms.

Seize this chance to take a path to sublime healing for your innermost needs and embrace opportunities for self-discovery and empowerment of your inner wisdom and spiritual womanhood as you step towards Meno-GO!

What women say about their experiences

Seed mix to calm the nervous system

How divine energy healing benefits you

  • Experience the comfort of not needing to reveal or talk through traumatic memories or the struggle of articulating internalised, non-verbal emotions.
  • Befriend your body by deepening your inner connection to the language of your combined sensitivities.
  • Gain positive shifts in your body's energy and clear blockages, leading to heightened self-awareness and reinforcing your self-worth.
  • Feel assured, knowing you have the tools to handle emotional highs and lows without being overwhelmed.
  • Become aware of the subtle sensations and emotions that signal your deepest innermost needs are being addressed.
  • Initiate a transformation toward the empowered aspects of yourself, which will reshape your overall well-being and allow you to thrive in your unique way.

Experience the power of divine energy healing!

Embark on a transformative healing journey innovatively designed for women grappling with trauma and the stages of perimenopause, menopause, or beyond. These sessions offer a beautiful healing opportunity to connect to your innermost needs within a safe, supportive setting, surrounded by care that empathises with the intricacies of heightened sensitivities.

We'll explore at an energy level to foster curiosity, wonder, invitation, and compassion, employing ancient Decus Healing techniques. These include distinctive sacred healing items such as personal energy healing signature paintings and natural aromas and stones.

Upon completing a series of healing sessions, you will receive continued support through a bespoke after-care plan to nurture your well-being, help you embrace Meno-GO, and work towards spiritual womanhood.

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