Learn the Art of Contemplation

An introspective route to divine intelligence

A six-month course for you to learn the art of contemplation, expand your mind and harness your spirituality with a greater ability to do what you are passionate about to help others.

Deepen your connection to the divine and explore innate wisdom with a broader expanse of thinking and learning through enhanced spiritual awareness.

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Art of Contemplation Course

How the course benefits your health and wellbeing

  • Learn the Art of Contemplation alongside other like-minded people in a non-religious space.
  • Bring your spiritual wellness to the forefront and find what you have been searching.
  • Self-exploration at its highest order through the wisdom of self and its hidden capabilities within the body and mind.
  • Widen your expanse of thinking and learning to make a big difference in your life and others.
  • Gain the skills to harness multi-dimensional aspects that span the present, past, and future to cosmic proportions for a soul's journey.
  • Discover true enlightenment through the stillness of the mind and heart and the slowing of bodily functions fully tuned to a specific universal frequency.

Do you seek something more spiritual from life?

The Art of Contemplation course is ideal for women and men interested in meditation, spirituality, mindfulness, inner wisdom,
spiritual but not religious, metaphysics, divination, divine intelligence, cosmic spiritual awakening, and life transformation.

Attending this course is a game-changer, particularly when the outcomes exceed what you'd hope for or expect.
Gaining a remarkable ethereal skill that can open possibilities within you and enhance your ability to do
what you are passionate about in helping others have better lives.

All the unique processes used during each workshop are meant for that purpose and much more.

The four-hour workshops will involve intense techniques and working with specific paintings of an ancient art form
to gain mastery of an introspective route to divine intelligence.

It takes six months to graduate with a certificate from Decus Healing.


Each workshop costs £40.
You'll need to be able to commit to participating in all six workshops over six months and practice between workshops.

Contact us to register for a place on the course. Booking is essential.

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Please note that this course is not about trauma or for people to be attuned to become energy healers.
It does not develop aptitudes in the paranormal, such as clairvoyance, tarot cards, witchcraft, or spiritualism.